A Night in The Park With Craig Campbell

By Sal Verini –

Craig Campbell continues to be one of the hottest rising stars in country music, and thanks to the City of Parkland, FL., South Florida locals were able to see him perform live Friday, May 27th at the Parkland Ampitheatre for free. Being it was almost literally in my backyard, how could I not attend? Afterall, Craig is one of my top favorite country music artists.

Craig-Campbell-on-stageI have seen Craig perform a few times, and like I tell everyone… I could literally go to one of his concerts every week and not get tired of seeing him and his band perform. He has massive stage presence and an energy about his shows that draw you in. And his bandmates are equally energetic and are great at getting the fans involved. And the music… it’s Craig Campbell for God’s sake so get ready to rock!

If you have never been to a Craig Campbell show, you really, really need to go. Even if you have to go out of the way to travel a bit to see him, I promise you it will be worth it. You will be singing along with him and the crowd to many popular songs that you have all heard on the radio such as Keep Those Kisses Comin’, Fish, Family Man and one of my all-time favorite songs (and I’m talking country music as a whole here) Outta My Head.


Everyone also was able to hear his new single Outskirts of Heaven, a traditional country-ballad written by Campbell and Dave Turnbull that is hitting the airwaves. If you favor an old-school twangy sound, this one is for you. A beautiful song about his faith, this ballad is so well written you cannot help but to key in on every word he sings to take in the full meaning of his feelings.

Along with his own songs, the fans were able to hear a few of cover songs as well, and there is a particular one he absolutely rocks! If you ever seen him in concert you know the one… Royals, which was originally performed by Lorde. I love nothing more than to hear an artist perform a cover of a song outside their genre. Not that I don’t love country covers from country artists, but it takes a bit more to perform something outside the comfort zone of what you are used to playing in.

Post author Sal verini, Craig Campbell and staffer Miss Mae

Post author Sal Verini, Craig Campbell and author Miss Mae.

Another great attribute to Craig Campbell’s character is his personal connection to the fans. Aside from snatching up the cell phones of fans and singing into them while on-stage, after the show he stayed to meet his fans… all of them.. yes ALL of them! No Justin Bieber type I-don’t-take-pictures-with fans-anymore attitude here. He hung out and met with anyone who stuck around to say hi. That’s a well-grounded artist who I respect as a person. You have to give props to an artist who does that after putting on a tiring show. But, that’s Craig Campbell. So, go check him out when he comes to a venue near (or not near) you, and make sure you download the new single Outskirts of Heaven. You will not be disappointed.


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