Alice Wallace – Echo Canyon


Alice Wallace and her band took to the studio in July to record their latest single, “Echo Canyon,” a ballad set in the southwest that tells the tale of a woman whose fate finds her at the bottom of a steep canyon. Swirling harmonies and tribal-like rhythms enhance the imagery in the song co-written by Alice and Dallas songwriter Andrew Delaney. The song was produced by Kirsten Proffit and Steve Berns at Fitting Room Studios in Los Angeles. The video was edited by Andrew Delaney, with studio footage shot by Kirsten Proffit and canyon footage by Neal Walter. The song features Tom Bremer on guitar, Jeremy Long on pedal steel, Austin Callender on bass and Josh Huppert on drums.

“I wrote this song with a great songwriter friend of mine in Dallas named Andrew Delaney. He had mentioned to me that he’d always wanted to write a song about yodeling in a canyon, but he had never known a singer who could sing the yodels So we started brainstorming ideas about yodeling in a canyon – namely, why would one be yodeling in a canyon? The story we came up with is a dark one, and for the yodeling section, I wanted to bring attention to how much a yodel can sound like the yips and cries of a coyote. After spending so much time touring the southwest the past few years, it has become familiar territory and it was so much fun to create a song with that brings to life that atmosphere of the rural southwest. “—Alice Wallace

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