American Idol vs. The Voice

By Michael Gagliardi –


Well, here we go… what competition is the best? Well, for me that’s pretty easy to say for many reasons, and I would have to say its The Voice in my opinion. Yes, many would argue that American Idol since it brought forth many great singers and performers such as country singers Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery and Kellie Pickler to name a few as well as rock singer Chris Daughtry and many others recently. But, I guess for me it’s the way the shows bring forth these amazing talents that causes me to lean towards The Voice.

Let’s compare how each TV show finds the talent and once they find them, how the process goes from there. With American Idol the judges get to see the person upfront and also hear their voices to determine if they fit the criteria of what they are looking for whereas The Voice coaches and develops and refines the talent’s voices. Not to mention the coaches are in competition with each other, which that alone brings a more interesting twist to finding the next superstar out there.

Also on The Voice, they are being coached and mentored to bring forth a better version of each person. On American Idol, it appears to me it’s all about judging their voices and performance. Don’t get me wrong, both TV shows are great and will end up finding a superstar, but there are major differences which set them apart. Also I’m sure, some of the ratings has dropped on American idol since The Voice came on the air and probably might be one of the reasons its in its final season. We wish the entire staff and cast the best.

One thing for sure, The Voice has bought back to America the country music genre, and having Blake Shelton on the show has been a big asset to the Nashville and country music scene. If you’re a struggling country artist in Nashville, playing on the street corners or in local bars there, The Voice could be your one-way ticket that might propel your talent into the mix of country stars and Blake Shelton has won more as a coach than anyone else on the show. If you’re a country singer, odds are you’re picking Blake Shelton as your coach as I would do the same (if I could sing, but I sound like a dying duck). Even non-country singers are picking him. You got to love that!

Another great thing I love about The Voice is all the bantering going on between the coaches, especially between Blake and Adam. I think they’re perfect for the show, because they are so different. They say that opposites attract, so I guess that’s why they banter each other so much, but really love each other. They definitely keep things interesting and people are loving it. Well, the season just started and just maybe they will find another great country artist to choose from. Go country!

About Mike Gagliardi

Mike is an esteemed self published Christian author of “A Divine Connection With A Message From God” as well as a motivational speaker. Born and raised here in South Florida, Mike also lived in Tennessee and Georgia for many years before moving back to South Florida.