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Welcome to another Na-cho Music Review! Today we have Jacqui Verellen. She’s a brand new up and comer that has catch fire with her amazing covers of Ed Sheeren – “Shape of you” and Coldplay – “Up and Up”. What is really making a buzz is her first single, “Home is Home”, a heart felt song that touches anyone that has been away from home or has felt homesick. Just give it a listen, it might just make your day.

Can’t begin to compare Jacqui to any other female singer, for her voice and music makes her very different from anything being played lately! Here’s my interview with Jacqui Verellen.


Who is Jacqui Verellen as an artist and when did it all start?

It all started when I was 4, as a little girl. I loved to sing and I started writing hundreds of songs, learning instruments at home, and performing every chance I could! No one ever had to remind me to practice or asked me to sing, I just absolutely had a thirst for creativity and for song. I studied and tried all sorts of music and arts, but I always performed country each year at the bay, and wrote country music. I found myself naturally gravitating towards it.  I’ve had so much different vocal training and influence, including opera. For that reason I feel ‘Jacqui Verellen,’ as an artist, is 100% a country singer, but with a unique flavor, because I also have some rock n roll, and pop in my voice. I think it brings a new color to what I’m doing and I appreciate all of my musical experiences, because they contributed to how I sound now.


Being so new to the music scene how do you compare to other up and coming artist and what makes you different? Vocally and Musically?

I think every up and coming music artist I’ve had the pleasure of listening to, has their own magic. I love listening to unknown artists and hearing what they’re up to and what they have to say. It inspires me so very much.

I think what makes me different, is my courage to be 100% myself. Its taken me a while to accept the different genres that influence my voice, rather than try and strip out all but 1, and its also taken me so long to accept my voices tone and sometimes rasp! I realized after listening to Home is Home the first time, that this was ME! That rasp was soul and emotion coming through in my voice, and that there was nothing wrong with blending everything I am. I think by finally being true to what I sound like, I found my voice for the first time! My real voice, and my unique ‘Jacqui’ kinda sound!


Your Single “Home is Home” what inspired you to write this song?

I moved to Toronto to pursue my music goals, but grew up on a  farm in Chatham with my family, and we were SO close. So moving away to a city has been really hard on me. When I visited my folks a while back it suddenly just hit me, how sad I was and how much I missed them. I was looking through old family photos and I started to cry. I picked up the guitar and the song kind of flowed through me. I really have never had such a natural writing instinct. I knew this song was so important to me. Jeff Pardo is amazingly talented! He helped me via Skype to edit my song and make it all it is. He is a fantastic musician and he helped me to capture every detail I see when I picture home.


On your YouTube you have tons of covers which one is your favorite and why?

Shape of you is my very favorite! I got to have fun with it! I changed the style up completely and played with my voice a bit and I’m really proud of what I made that particular session. Every cover is a blast because its a chance for me to take someone else’s amazing song and see how I can best make it fit my flavor!


Who influence you growing up? Do your parents\Family members play any instruments or sing? 

A lot of my family members are musicians. My dad plays guitar and my mom sang and played a little organ as a kid, my Grandma sings and runs a church choir, my aunts and uncles down the line have played banjo, violin, sang, etc. Its definitely ingrained in my family.


If you had a chance to do a duet who would it be and what song would you choose to cover with them or would you sing one of their songs?

Toby Keith! I think we could write something so funny together! I admired him growing up for his funny tunes, and ability to make people laugh with his music. I am so into comedy and I think that’d be fun!


Whats next? Are you going to release another single and when can we expect you to hit the road?

Yes! My music video is coming up next weekend I believe it will be released, so I’m excited for that! I am hitting Mackenzie Creek Festival this July for a show and I am headed to Nashville late August/first week of September to get on the next song! 😀 I’m hoping to play more shows as I have been throughout the summer, at to have a sizable EP by next summer to hit bigger festivals!


When your not in the studio or writing music, what are your pastimes or enjoy doing to clear your head from the all the craziness?

I have a hard time relaxing as a musician, because I know how much work I have to put into my craft to ever see growth and success, so I try and meditate, force myself to spend time with friends, take dance classes each week to kind of change up and distract myself. I know its so important to have good memories to write my songs about, so I try and enjoy myself when I can too.


What can you tell your old/new fans about you? what connects you to your fan base and what can we take from seeing you perform?

I’d like to tell any of my fans how deeply I appreciate their support. I have never known anything so beautiful, as connecting to others through the gift of music. I wouldn’t be anything or have anyone to listen to me if it weren’t for the kind strangers who take the time to hear my songs, and to come to my shows. I know each time I perform and get to make eye contact with new people, there is something so moving about it. We gather to feel the same way and to enjoy the same tunes. I love music and I love the people who support me!

Now that you guys got to read a little into who Jacqui Verellen is, take your butts to her YouTube channel and check out her rising single Home is Home and the rest of her amazing covers. She’s someone to keep a very close eye/ear for since you will be shock in how different her voice and music are.. Maybe this is the change we need in country music.. Till next time… Nacho-Out!!


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