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The resident Everything Country beekeeper, Mike turns this Nectar of the Gods into everything from organic honey, candles and other products and provides How-To articles and videos for aspiring beekeepers.

The Beekeeper’s Corner – The Tools Of The Trade


By Mike Gebert – Happy New Year one and all! Glad to be back with all of my followers on the Beekeeper’s Corner.  Sorry for the long delay between articles, but with the holidays and the craziness that follows them its been rather busy.  Anyway, this session we will see some  tools that are needed and tools that make beekeeping ...

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The Beekeeper’s Corner – Swarm Cells


By Mike Gebert – Happy 4th of July everybody.  In this article we will continue talking about swarms and what happens in a bee colony prior to the bees swarming. In the last article we talked about the swarms after they leave their colony and touched briefly on why. So this time lets talk about what happens inside the hive. ...

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The Beekeeper’s Corner – Bee Swarms


By Mike Gebert – This article will answer a question I received from our website and has to do with bee swarms. We will start out this discussion by answering, “what is a bee swarm?”.  There are two basic reasons bees swarm from their parent colony.  First reason is the colony becomes too large to sustain all the bees living ...

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Beekeeper’s Corner – Parts of the Hive


By Mike Gebert – Welcome back, This is the third installment of the series.  By now you have an overview of beekeeping, and have some basic knowledge on what goes into beekeeping .  This article is going to focus on equipment.  There are many setups/configurations to hives but all hives have four basic parts.  The parts that are needed are ...

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The beekeepers corner – Let’s Start Beekeeping


by Mike Gebert — Welcome back to part two of the series that will assist you with your beekeeping endeavors.   In the last article I introduced myself and went over what to expect in the future articles.  So with that lets continue our journey. How does one start keeping bees?  Before you take the plunge and obtain your first colony, ...

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The Beekeeper’s Corner – An Introduction to Beekeeping

Everything Country Beekeeping

By Mike Gebert – This column will cover all aspects of beekeeping, from the basic to the more complexities of beekeeping.  These articles will mostly cater to new beekeepers, but will cover some advanced topics.  Since this is the first article, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mike. I have been a beekeeper for 5 years, maintain 4 hives ...

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