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Prince on the bubble with a heavy heart

If you’re thinking about becoming a professional bass angler, you might want to talk to Palatka, Florida’s kind-hearted Cliff Prince first.

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The scariest thing about Lake St. Clair

According to his mom, Team Toyota’s Brandon Lester always wanted to be a clown for Halloween. “But get this, he was scared to death of clowns. We took him to the circus, sat in the front row, and when the clowns came to see him, he screamed bloody murder,” says Lester’s mom, Kim.

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Improve Your Skill Set: Firing from Kneeling Positions


OutdoorHubImprove Your Skill Set: Firing from Kneeling Positions Time at the range, and even time spent dry firing, should be used to do more than keep marksmanship on point. Training for defensive or hunting-oriented shooting should include practice of real-world possibilities, including shooting from behind cover and in odd positions. Competence with non-traditional positions, like kneeling, has many advantages, including ...

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House Committee Passes CECIL Act, Restricting Hunting Abroad


OutdoorHubHouse Committee Passes CECIL Act, Restricting Hunting Abroad HR 2245, also called the CECIL Act, passed the U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee on a party-line vote of 19-16. Back in April, Congressman Raul M. Grijalva (D-Arizona), introduced the Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing Importation of Large Animal Species (CECIL) Act, which places significant restrictions on hunting and importing game ...

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Chris Young’s Single “Drowning”


by Kristina Evans –   For anyone who knows me personally, knows I love Chris Young and his music.  You might say I’m obsessed.  It also goes without saying that I love his new single “Drowning.” Young recently released the music video for this hit song that is resonating with his fans all over the globe.  It brings out real ...

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Five Things More Important Than Just “Having a Gun”


OutdoorHubFive Things More Important Than Just “Having a Gun” There’s nothing more dangerous than a false sense of security. Unfortunately, many people who carry a gun for self or home-defense are at risk of the consequences of embracing a false sense of security. I think it’s some underlying optimism inherent to human nature that allows us to paint a vague ...

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17 Facts to Stump Even the Most Die-Hard Anti-Hunter


OutdoorHub17 Facts to Stump Even the Most Die-Hard Anti-Hunter Have you ever found yourself hiding your camo or hunting gear? There’s nothing worse than having a neighbor, friend, or even family member who is dead set against hunting. You may see eye to eye with everything else, but the minute you break out your equipment for deer season, brace yourself ...

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I Got Alpha-Gal (The Tick-Borne Disease That’s a Hunter’s Worst Nightmare)


The Lone Star tick is the main culprit behind spreading Alpha-gal syndrome, but researchers think it might not be the only tick spreading the disease. (Health.Mil/) It’s mid-August and my dad, a buddy, and I are tucked into our layout blinds as another flock of Canada geese swings in low toward our spread. When they line up perfectly, I holler ...

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Use a Knee Brace to Add Miles to Your Hunt


If you participate in any sort of activity that impacts your knees, a brace or strap is likely in your future. (Cambivo/) If outdoorsmen rely on one joint more than any other, it’s the knee. Sooner or later we all fight the effects of age, mileage, or injury. Hunting with a knee brace can prevent further deterioration and give you ...

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3 Reasons to Bring a Screen Canopy Camping


A screen tent or canopy allows fresh air to blow through while protecting everyone inside from nasty bugs. (Tailgaterz/) Nothing ruins a day outdoors faster than being attacked by flying, biting insects. No matter the species, they all have a way of turning an otherwise memorable evening into a miserable bloodletting. A screen house for camp, the beach, or even ...

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3 Things to Look for in a Sport Watch


Sport watches are a less-expensive alternative to other sophisticated GPS timepieces. (Casio/) Just as a phone is no longer solely meant for communication, a wristwatch needn’t be only for telling time. And you don’t have to give your right arm (pardon the pun) to afford at least some of the advanced features found on today’s GPS-enabled smart watches. Many mid-range ...

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3 Reasons You Need an Electric Sharpener


If you don’t have the knack for sharpening a knife by hand, an electric sharpener could be just what you need. (Chef’s Choice/) Like swift feet, keen vision, and the gift of gab, some people are just born with the fine touch required to sharpen a knife by hand. Most others are not. It’s an art that requires a certain ...

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