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Shimano ‘Varsity Program” scholarship winners

LADSON, S.C. –  Paying for college this academic year became a bit easier for the just-announced 12 winners of the Shimano ‘Varsity Program’ scholarship program. Developed in conjunction with B.A.S.S.

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Hang a Treestand to Ambush Bull Elk Over Wallows


The author with a big Montana bull taken with a quartering-away shot. (Chuck Adams/) Elk are big, beautiful, and raucously noisy during the rut. I can’t think of a more exciting animal to bowhunt. But shooting an elk with a bow is seldom easy. Even after you get within range, things can go wrong. The challenge is amplified by the ...

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Make the Perfect Archery Shot on a Giant Bull Elk


I’m fortunate to have bagged 39 elk with a bow, including 28 bulls that made the Pope and Young record book. Based on that experience, here are some tips I’ve learned about being successful at the moment of truth. (Chuck Adams/) Elk are big, beautiful, and raucously noisy during the rut. I can’t think of a more exciting animal to ...

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What Hunters Need to Know About Altitude Sickness (And How to Avoid It)


The key to staying healthy in the high country is giving your body time to acclimate. (John Hafner/) Is it the excitement of the hunt that has you feeling breathless and light headed? Or is it something a little more dangerous? With big game season underway in the West, loads of flat-landers will be heading into the mountains for the ...

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Kentucky Hunter Gets On Walmart Intercom and Begs for Help Buying Hunting License


OutdoorHubKentucky Hunter Gets On Walmart Intercom and Begs for Help Buying Hunting License How many times has this happened to you? You go to a big retail store to purchase your hunting license, and you end up searching harder for an employee to assist you, than you do for the game you purchased the license for.. Well, when it happened ...

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Grady-White Canyon 326 First Glance


The Canyon 326 features top-notch fishability. (Grady-White/) Grady’s six center-console Canyon models range from a 27-footer up to the company’s flagship 45-footer. This new 326 fits comfortably in the middle, and offers space, luxury and a full ­complement of fishing features. “This boat fills a niche in our model line,” says Joey Weller, Grady-White vice president of sales. “Its numerous ...

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Bull Elk Illegally Raised in Captivity Returns; ‘A Sad Ending’


OutdoorHubBull Elk Illegally Raised in Captivity Returns; ‘A Sad Ending’ A young bull elk was given a second shot at freedom after being illegally removed from the wild in the spring of 2008, but it appears things haven’t worked out and the elk is back in captivity. According to an IDFG news release, the elk was captured as a calf ...

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11 Tough, Purpose-Built Waterfowl Shotguns


Hunter numbers may be dwindling overall, but the waterfowling faction seems alive and well based on all the new gear introduced each season. This includes shotguns. Nearly every gun manufacturer offers at least one waterfowl-specific scattergun. These tricked-out “pro” models feature numerous enhancements designed to improve both performance and durability, such as oversized controls, tough Cerakote and camo finishes, specialized ...

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What Makes Specialized Waterfowl Shotguns So Special


A hunter shouldering a Mossberg 930 Pro Series Waterfowl shotgun. Both the 930 and 935 Pro Series feature boron nitride coating on the internal components to improve corrosion resistance. (Mossberg/) Waterfowl shotguns today have become a niche market. Nearly every major shotgun manufacturer, and many smaller importers, currently offer at least one tricked-out shotgun designed specifically for waterfowling. We’re not ...

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Video: Don’t Sleep On This Hook Setting Tip When Tossing Topwater Frogs


OutdoorHubVideo: Don’t Sleep On This Hook Setting Tip When Tossing Topwater Frogs The world of sports has evolved a lot since super slow motion cameras started showing up on sidelines. Now, lets take that same technology and use it to learn how to catch more bass. Sounds good, right? Find a comfortable seat, let down the anchor, and watch this ...

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SIG Sauer Offers Ammo for All Your Needs


OutdoorHubSIG Sauer Offers Ammo for All Your Needs You most likely have heard of Sig Sauer for its exceptional line of handguns and rifles. Their line of products also include red dots for both rifle and pistol, rifle scopes, range finders, spotting scopes/binoculars and have been making headlines for some time. You may have even heard of the Sig Sauer ...

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How to Pick the Best Tackle Bag


Plano’s new Guide Series tackle bags are loaded with features not available years ago, such as a Dropzone magnetic area on top of the box lid. (Jon Whittle / Sport Fishing/) I grew up admiring my dad’s large, Walton Products Grip-Loc aluminum tackle box. Corroded by years of seawater, and difficult to open or latch, it was loaded with Japanese ...

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