Behind The Scenes With Colt Ford

By Sal Verini —

Thursday, November 12th, 2015, was a great day for me. Why, you ask? I had the opportunity to not only meet, but spend time on the tour bus with one of my favorite country music artists, Colt Ford. It was such an incredible experience for me for a variety of reasons. Mainly because, hey it’s Colt Ford! A legendary icon in country music! I was also finally able to see him perform at my favorite country music nightclub, the Round Up in Davie, Florida.

Colt Ford and author Sal Verini

Colt Ford and author Sal Verini

While setting up for the video interview with Colt and Felix, one of our music reviewers, I was able to have some one-on-one time with the legend himself. I have to tell you he’s one of the most down-to-Earth individuals I’ve met in a long time. Not only does he remember his roots and where he came from, you would never think he’s the superstar that he really is. Fun fact Did you know he was on the pro golf circuit for many years? Perhaps one day Colt and I can go hit the links and he can help me straighten out my drive.



Colt is extremely friendly and personable, and it shows in his interview. He has an incredible amount of talent and his awesome performance that night to a large crowd of fans proved just that. Needless to say, Colt did not disappoint. So, if you ever have to opportunity to see Colt Ford live, I highly suggest you do. I guarantee you will be singing along with the set, tapping your toes or breaking out into a line dance.


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