BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Catches Up With His Class of 2019

On episode #206 of his podcast, the BobbyCast, Bobby Bones spoke to each member of his current Class of 2019, which is a group of artists he’s been promoting throughout the year. This year’s class is made up entirely of women, featuring Tenille Townes, Caylee Hammack, Abby Anderson, Rachel Wammack and Lauren Jenkins. Bobby called up each artist, some of whom were out of the country, to check up on what’s going on in their career.

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Doing some comedy tonight in Michigan. And I brought along one of my favorite new artists @tenilletownes . Can’t wait to see you guys tonight: you’re going to love Tenille! She also looks possessed !

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First off, Bobby called Class of 2019 member Tenille Townes, who was in New Orleans getting ready to play a show with Lindsay Ell and Caylee Hammack. Bobby chatted with Tenille about her new single, “Jersey On The Wall,” as well as her busy year touring with Dierks Bentley.

“It’s been so wonderful; I’m having so much fun,” she says.
“Being able to be on the road and be at shows and hear a few people out there
singing along and knowing the music, it’s the craziest thing. It’s been such a
wild year to step back and think about it, like what was happening last year in
October, and to think about it now, it’s kind of surreal.”

Bobby and Tenille also talked about her success at September’s Canadian Country Music Association Awards, her recent run-in with Reba McEntire and her slot on Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour.

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Prob talking about my new haircut here I think. With @cayleehammack today on the newest #BobbyCast . She’s the real deal. From teenage touring, to meeting Luke Bryan’s mom and giving her a CD, to living in the back of her car in the Target parking lot. To her love of Jim Croce, Porter Wagoner, and Cake. It was a fun one. And we spent yesterday dancing together, so we hopped right back in it. Check out the latest @thebobbycast wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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2. Caylee Hammack

Next, Bobby called up Class of 2019 member, Caylee Hammack. He asked her if there has been a fellow artist who has given her good advice as she’s worked her way up in her career. She shared that Luke Bryan has been very supportive, and even gave her a call when she made her deal with Capitol Records.

“He called me and told me, ‘There’s truly no way to prepare for
radio tour and what’s about to come your way because it’s all going to be new,
but if you can just make it through the first year, and be kind to everyone you
meet, you’ll survive,’” she says.

Caylee says she also got great advice from Miranda Lambert, who
invited Caylee on her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour this past

“She was telling me about how to be a good female artist in this realm that sometimes, I feel like, women are put against one another,” Caylee says. “People compare you to others, and whenever you’re comparing people, you’re just putting one person down to put another person up. Miranda was talking to me about just being kind to every artist, especially females. You help each other all the way up.”

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One of my favorite people @abbyandersonmusic came by the house for the latest #Bobbycast. It’s always fun to talk with someone you know . She’s opened for me on the road, played on my show, and in January she was one of my class of 2019. She talks about meeting Dolly, makes fun of me for being single, and lists her favorite 5 artists of all time . Btw, she has some great taste. She played football in jr high . And is about to tour w Rob Thomas . Check it out. Search BobbyCast wherever you listen to podcasts. Also follow @thebobbycast .

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3. Abby Anderson

Next, Bobby called Abby Anderson, who was out on Rob Thomas’ Chip
Tooth Smile Tour all summer, which kept her incredibly busy.

“I’ll just say Mr. Rob whooped my butt,” Abby says of the tour.
“In the country world, it’s Thursday through Sunday, and then you got the rest
of the week home. With him, it was five shows a week. My voice got so much
stronger, I feel like my performance is a lot better, I feel a lot more
confident onstage and I’m real thankful for that, but I’ll tell you what, I
don’t know if I could tour like that in the future. I wouldn’t ever turn it
down, but the Thursday through Sunday is definitely more my speed.”

Bobby and Abby also talked about her 10th appearance on the Grand
Ole Opry, and her first experience drinking alcohol. She also told him that she
has a lot of plans in the works, including writing plenty of new music through
the end of the year.

“I’ve got two months to out-write the songs I already do have, and just make sure I can put out the best song possible to radio next year,” she says.

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🔮📸x @cameronpremo

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4. Rachel Wammack

Next, Bobby called Class of 2019 member, Rachel Wammack, who took
the call from Scotland. She explained that she is touring in Europe for two
weeks, and that the country fans there have been incredibly happy to have them.

“Europe as a whole, I didn’t even realize just how much — they
are so grateful that we come over here,” Rachel says. “They are having a good
time. It is so, so fun to see them just really, really appreciative, and they
just love it.”

Bobby and Rachel talked about her recent marriage and whether or
not she’d be changing her name. She also chatted about another highlight of the
past year: opening for Reba McEntire.

“I got to meet her and open for her at the Illinois State Fair,” she says. “Normally when you open for people like that when you’re me, it’s like 20 minutes. I got to play a 45 minute set opening for her. It was so awesome.”

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Thank you @mrBobbyBones for having me on this morning. I guess if I’m gonna do my first-ever radio show, yours is a pretty good place to start. Also I’m impressed you know so much about wrestling. 👻🖤 @bobbybonesshow

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5. Lauren Jenkins

Lastly, Bobby called up Lauren Jenkins, who was on tour in
Amsterdam at the time of the phone call. She updated Bobby on some exciting
career happenings, including playing her first-ever headlining show in London,
which also happened to be her first sold out show. She said she was impressed
by how many fans knew all the words to her songs.

“Over here, I don’t know if they play it that much on radio,” she
says of European fans. “I think they just found out that I was playing, and
then they researched the entire album and they memorized it.”

Lauren also talked briefly about her newly-announced slot on Brett Eldredge’s European tour in January, as well as some upcoming dates with Muscadine Bloodline. And in between all that touring, Lauren says she’ll be working on her second album.

“I’ve been writing every single day that I’ve been home, which
has been awesome,” she says. “I’ve got some dates in the studio next week, I
think, three dates to record. I would like to get some new music out before we
go back to Europe in January, so that’s a big goal.”

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