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Introducing Radio Romance: A Modern Country Throwback!


By John Lindsay – I recently caught up with the guys in Radio Romance to talk about their start and their new album called “The B Sides.”  Actually, we were in a group chat talking about football and the new record, so I thought I would ask a few questions and let you hear their story from them. I first ...

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Meet Hayley Orrantia


By Felix Casado – This young and amazing actress is crossing over to the music side and she doesn’t disappoint. Between her crazy schedule playing Erica Goldberg on the ABC hit comedy show “The Goldbergs”, she finds time to hit the studio and make some country music magic.  Her single “Love Sick” is on iTunes and it’s a must get on your ...

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Behind The Scenes With Colt Ford

Country Thunder USA In Florence, Arizona - Day 4

By Sal Verini — Thursday, November 12th, 2015, was a great day for me. Why, you ask? I had the opportunity to not only meet, but spend time on the tour bus with one of my favorite country music artists, Colt Ford. It was such an incredible experience for me for a variety of reasons. Mainly because, hey it’s Colt ...

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Music, it’s more than product!

By John Lindsay – Nov 4, 2015, a date which will live in infamy.  The date Nashville remembered music is so much more than a unit for sale or a product for consumption. In the week after, do you still feel it?  That honest, real emotion that couldn’t keep you in your seat?  I know I do. I tried listening ...

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Camo In Fashion… Trendy Or Tacky?


By Sebrie Springs – Over the years, camouflage has become a staple in every southerners wardrobe. Whether it is your beloved Bass Pro hat or your favorite  Realtree t-shirt, hunting is no longer the only appropriate time to rock your camo. But are some people taking the camo trend a little too far? Camo has recently made its latest fashion ...

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Colt Ford, Not Your Mama’s Country… Or So I thought…


By John Lindsay – I was brought up listening to my mom’s classic country records.  Our house was filled with the sounds of George, Tammy, Conway, Loretta, Jeanne C., Marty Robbins, and as we got a little older Kenny, Dolly, and her boys, Alabama.  One of my mom’s greatest gifts to me is the early appreciation of the sound and ...

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Is Line Dancing The New Cardio?

Felix takes the crows through its paces at RoundUp.

By Michael Gagliardi – I love this question because I enjoy working out. Being one of my greatest passions, I am always looking for different ways to better my health. Most people, (I’m sure I can’t be the only one), hate doing cardio because let’s be honest, it’s boring! Although I know it’s needed to help keep a healthy heart, I ...

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Meet J. Michael Harter


  By Felix Casado – Michael was such a blast to interview. Not only is he hard working musician, but a full time Star Wars Geek! The passion he has for music is incredible and that’s what has made him noticeable in this crazy industry. With his first single “ Holy Cowgirl” climbing up the charts, his second single “Playing ...

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An Interview With Jeff Dane


By Felix Casado – What can I say about Jeff Dane? He’s the next big thing to hit the radio and stage near you. I had the pleasure in doing a phone interview with Jeff and what a great guy. He’s super focused on his projects and very humble and down with his Rock/Country music… with a little twist of “fresh”. ...

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Michael Ray… Country’s “Next” Big Star?


  By John Lindsay – If I were in my lab trying to create the “Next” big thing in country music, it just might come out looking and sounding like Michael Ray.  As I sit here typing, he owns the #1 single in the country and is ready for the release of his debut album tomorrow.  Rock star good looks, ...

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Beekeeper’s Corner – Parts of the Hive


By Mike Gebert – Welcome back, This is the third installment of the series.  By now you have an overview of beekeeping, and have some basic knowledge on what goes into beekeeping .  This article is going to focus on equipment.  There are many setups/configurations to hives but all hives have four basic parts.  The parts that are needed are ...

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Should the confederate flag be removed or replaced?


By Michael Anthony Gagliardi – Should the confederate flag be removed or replaced? I don’t think so.  When I first heard that certain people, even people in the political arena, where trying to get rid of the confederate flag I was very disappointed in our country. I fully understand the outrage of some people, due to the recent shooting and ...

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