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Michael Ray… Country’s “Next” Big Star?


  By John Lindsay – If I were in my lab trying to create the “Next” big thing in country music, it just might come out looking and sounding like Michael Ray.  As I sit here typing, he owns the #1 single in the country and is ready for the release of his debut album tomorrow.  Rock star good looks, ...

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Beekeeper’s Corner – Parts of the Hive


By Mike Gebert – Welcome back, This is the third installment of the series.  By now you have an overview of beekeeping, and have some basic knowledge on what goes into beekeeping .  This article is going to focus on equipment.  There are many setups/configurations to hives but all hives have four basic parts.  The parts that are needed are ...

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Should the confederate flag be removed or replaced?


By Michael Anthony Gagliardi – Should the confederate flag be removed or replaced? I don’t think so.  When I first heard that certain people, even people in the political arena, where trying to get rid of the confederate flag I was very disappointed in our country. I fully understand the outrage of some people, due to the recent shooting and ...

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Steven Tyler…The Jack Sparrow of Country Music?


By Sal Verini – Ok, so I have been sitting on this article for a bit now and decided it needs to be written. Be forewarned… you may not like what I have to say (or maybe you totally agree). Either way someone has to say it since mainstream media doesn’t seem to have the stones. And if you’re reading this, ...

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Is The New Generation of Alcohol Aiming For Your Kids?

underage drinking

By Felix Casado – Question…. why do they have margaritas in a beer can, cinnamon in whiskey and fruit-loop flavor vodka? Does it make it taste better, or is this just a “lets try this and see what happens and who is going to drink it” type of deal? And are our kids and young adults who are under 21 years old in danger ...

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Are Female Artist Really “Tomatoes” on the Radio?


By Felix Casado – Nashville’s female artists are in an uproar after Keith Hill of South Padre Island, Texas said, “Radio should not play too many songs by women”. According to him the majority of country music listeners are females, and female artist are killing the radio because females don’t want to listen to their whining about their latest break ...

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Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller”

Chris Stapleton

By John Lindsay — Before “Traveller”, Chris Stapleton would have been most known by those outside Nashville as the guy who wrote and sings backup on Luke Bryan’s mega hit “Drink A Beer.” This new CD should change that with a quickness.  The voice dubbed “the Soul of Nashville” has put together a collection that harkens back to country’s very ...

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The beekeepers corner – Let’s Start Beekeeping


by Mike Gebert — Welcome back to part two of the series that will assist you with your beekeeping endeavors.   In the last article I introduced myself and went over what to expect in the future articles.  So with that lets continue our journey. How does one start keeping bees?  Before you take the plunge and obtain your first colony, ...

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What Makes Someone “Country”?


— By Michael Anthony Gagliardi What makes you country? I thought this would be a good topic to talk about since I often hear many say to another person, “you aren’t country.” So what makes someone country? I think that’s a good question and I think I can answer that,  or at least give you my opinion on the issue. ...

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Who is Maggie Baugh?

Maggie Baugh

By Sal Verini – For those of you who’ve never heard of Maggie Baugh, trust me you’re missing out. Until about a month or so ago I too was one of those individuals. But then it changed. I was covering the band Old Southern Moonshine Revival that was playing at my favorite haunt, Roundup Country Western Club in Davie, Florida ...

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Country Music… Has It Fallen Off Its Original Roots?


By Felix Casado – Johnny Cash would roll over his grave if he heard what country music has become and where it has been going for the past 5 years. I’ve been involved in country music for the past 10 years as a DJ in one of the largest Country Western Night Clubs in South Florida, and let me tell ...

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Old Southern Moonshine Revival

Old Southern Moonshine Revival

By John Lindsay – In this world of cross genre, or genre unspecific country music, few bands separate themselves from the pack.  Old Southern Moonshine Revival is however one of those bands.  On their latest EP “Can You Feel It” this quartet excels at mixing country harmonies, passion, and heart with edge of southern rock.  Songs like “I Love This ...

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