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Fashion over 50: Early Spring Layers


It’s still slow going around here in the fashion department. My clothing lately has consisted of paint clothes, gym clothes and an occasional dress to go outside the house clothing such as you see below. You can see the state of our master bedroom and I’m hoping after this week, it will be back to normal. We moved the chest ...

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Style Showcase 19


Enjoy these decorating and home ideas from my friends today! These ladies are all very talented and I think you’ll like visiting all of them for this Style Showcase.  The post Style Showcase 19 appeared first on Southern Hospitality. Article Courtesy of

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Mark’s Curio Table


Mark is a sentimental guy which I’ve shared before, but this post will really cinch the fact that he truly loves his childhood memories and the roots from which he came. Today I’m sharing a post from Mark about his favorite childhood toys and the fact that he saved them all these years. He’s sharing all about the curio table ...

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Home Style Saturday 180


Happy Saturday! We are finishing up the final details of the master bathroom so I really hope to be sharing it with all of you soon. It’s turning out exactly as I had hoped and I can’t wait to finish and enjoy it for years to come.  In the meantime, enjoy these Home Style posts today from my friends and ...

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Feature Friday: Dan Carithers Atlanta Cottage


Enjoy this feature that I shared back in 2011, the home of iconic Atlanta designer, Dan Carithers who has since passed away in 2018. His Traditional style will always be the epitome of good design.  Dan Carithers has been a design fixture in Atlanta for many years and his featured cottage in Traditional Home caught my eye, once again. They ...

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How Our House Flows


I’ve got a fun post to share with you today. Do you love going in people’s homes and seeing their houses up close and personal? Today I’m joining a group of gals and we are all sharing how our homes flow. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how a house that you see from pictures only flows from room to room, ...

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Fashion over 50: Camel Coat


Hi, friends! This last week kicked my butt and I have practically nothing to share with you today for fashion over 50. So I’m sharing an outfit I wore last weekend to the travel conference I attended in Thomasville, GA. I don’t think I mentioned I was going to that and between the bathroom and heading out of town, I ...

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Style Showcase 18

I’m back with another Style Showcase to share with you today, so I hope you enjoy! These friends are all very talented and all have something unique to share.  The post Style Showcase 18 appeared first on Southern Hospitality. Article Courtesy of

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Family Wedding: Patrick and McKenzie


Weddings are such beautiful and special events. There’s just something so sweet about a wedding, so I wanted to share a wonderful family event that happened in December. December 14th, 2019 was the wedding of Mark’s youngest daughter, McKenzie, who married her long time beau, Patrick. They’ve been together since they were 15, truly childhood sweethearts. They are a beautiful ...

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Home Style Saturday 179


Stop by Home Style Saturday today for lots of fun inspiration! The post Home Style Saturday 179 appeared first on Southern Hospitality. Article Courtesy of

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Feature Friday: Designer Decorating with What You Love


Happy Friday! We are wrapping up the week and still working on the bathroom. Poor Mark has a case of shingles and we had no idea until it was well along. Who knew that shingles can mimic sciatica, that’s what he thought he was dealing with. He’s been on meds this week, so hopefully will be on the mend soon, ...

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Beauty over 50: IPL Treatment


Today’s post is way different than my normal fashion over 50/60 post, but I thought I’d share what I did recently as a treatment on my face. Now mind you, I’m no expert on any of these sorts of treatments. I have had a handful of facials in my life and don’t consider myself a real spa girl. Don’t get ...

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