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Miami’s Biscayne Bay: Still a Fisherman’s Paradise


Urban Miami’s sprawling Biscayne Bay hosts hero species such as tarpon, bonefish and permit. (Felix Mizioznikov / shutterstock.com/) Here he comes! my mind screamed. But I held my tongue: I didn’t want to spook the fish or my nephew, Hunter Salyers. Coming straight toward us was an overslot redfish, as subtle as an 18-wheeler ­rolling through South Beach. Hunter held ...

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Caught On Camera: Gators Climb Fences & Swim Across Roads in Florida


OutdoorHubCaught On Camera: Gators Climb Fences & Swim Across Roads in Florida Most Floridians are aware that alligators can be found nearly everywhere in their home state, but everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) was thrown for a loop when they discovered gators climb fences. A couple videos from the Sunshine State made news last week, including one showing an alligator ...

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Honor Guard Pistols: Have It Your Way 


OutdoorHubHonor Guard Pistols: Have It Your Way  The Honor Guard is the flagship product of Georgia-based firearm company, Honor Defense. At this point in time, three interpretations of the Honor Guard model are offered, all in 9mm. Lately I’ve been testing out their standard model, a subcompact that’s jazzed up with ready-to-order custom features and colors. Since the company’s debut ...

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Review: Red Oxx Safari-Beanos Bag PR5


OutdoorHubReview: Red Oxx Safari-Beanos Bag PR5 Recently, I was sent on a trip to Utah to capture content for a Precision Rifle Training Course. For this trip, I was determined to find a duffel bag to transport my camera gear safely, and I finally found the one that meets all of my needs. Whenever I am taking photos or video ...

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Mid-Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Standing up or from the chair, coveted yellowfin tuna always prove a worthy adversary. (Tom Spencer/) A 40-pound yellowfin tuna launched itself out of the water and dive-bombed my topwater popper, prompting an epic ­toe-to-toe light-tackle fight. Once the battle was over and the neon-gold tuna finally came over the gunwale, I couldn’t help but admire the pelagic wanderer and ...

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Street Fight: Bobcat Vs. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake in San Fernando Valley


OutdoorHubStreet Fight: Bobcat Vs. Southern Pacific Rattlesnake in San Fernando Valley It’s a hard life out there for a bobcat living out west. This video of a “street fight” between a bobcat and a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake in San Fernando Valley is a solid example of what we’re talking about. According to the video’s description, the bobcat is toying with ...

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Fly Fishing for North Carolina’s Giant Red Drum

Bragging size redfish have become a top inshore target for fly anglers in North Carolina. (George Beckwith/) In North Carolina, where redfish are called puppy drum until they mature and attain the large proportions that earn them the label of red drum (bull reds in most other places), a consistent fishery for truly giant specimens has made the waters of ...

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WATCH: Drone Captures Pictured Rocks Cliff Sheer Right Next to Kayakers


OutdoorHubWATCH: Drone Captures Pictured Rocks Cliff Sheer Right Next to Kayakers A group of kayakers on a tour of Michigan’s famous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore are surely counting their blessings after a huge chunk of cliff nearly collapsed on top of them. Standing about 200 feet above Lake Superior, northern Michigan’s Pictured Rocks is one of the state’s most picturesque ...

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Fall Cobia Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

The annual northern Gulf of Mexico cobia run holds big promise in fall. (Jason Stemple/) Capt. Richard Rutland pulled back the throttle on the ­powerful outboard, and his bay boat glided slowly toward the buoy marking the edge of the Mobile Bay ship ­channel. Conditions were ideal, with bright overhead sunshine, calm seas and clear, ­aqua-green water. “There’s one, right ...

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Yes, Mexico has a 2nd Amendment – Part 2


OutdoorHubYes, Mexico has a 2nd Amendment – Part 2 In Part 1 of this two-part series, the concept of restricted access to guns was covered, in terms of its application in Mexico. The country does have Second Amendment-like language in its Constitution, though the “bear” part of “keep and bear” was removed in 1971. This follow up is a cursory ...

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