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Video: Police Dashcam Captures Massive House Explosion


OutdoorHubVideo: Police Dashcam Captures Massive House Explosion This isn’t a scene from the new Lethal Weapon, this house really did explode! Police in the town of Hurst,Texas reported to a car crash on April, 7 which occurred as a result of faulty brakes. The driver of the vehicle stated that they could not stop the vehicle and lost control. In ...

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Fish Finder Friday


OutdoorHubFish Finder Friday The weekend is upon us which means it’s time for another installment of Fish Finder Friday.  Another great week in the outdoors has brought us a number of bagged turkey’s from around the country and some much needed warmer weather. Many lucky anglers are already out on the water. Here are some of the best photos we ...

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These Are 5 Of The Best Ladder Stands To Hunt From In 2018


OutdoorHubThese Are 5 Of The Best Ladder Stands To Hunt From In 2018 Next time you’re walking through the woods scouting a new potential hunting spot, stop and look around for old homemade ladder stands. These old stands are important to take note of. The old timers who used to hunt from them likely knew something about the land you’re ...

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Here Are 5 Of The Best Hunting Dog Breeds


OutdoorHubHere Are 5 Of The Best Hunting Dog Breeds This is our list of five of the best hunting dog breeds you can hunt over. Did your gun dog make the list?  We love dogs. They make excellent companions, and in many cases, are a big part of our families. But if you’ve ever scoured a prairie for pheasants behind ...

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SlideFire Has Chosen to Close Their Doors


OutdoorHubSlideFire Has Chosen to Close Their Doors Texas based SlideFire Solutions announced on their website that they will be officially closing their doors after May 20th, 2018. What began as a small firearms accessory manufacturer in 2012, has become the focal point of gun control measures at a local level all the way to the White House. Founded in 2012 ...

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Believe It Or Not, Hummingbird Feathers Are Actually Black


OutdoorHubBelieve It Or Not, Hummingbird Feathers Are Actually Black Did you know a hummingbird’s feathers are actually black? And those beautiful iridescent feathers they sport, come from a newly discovered dinosaur that had similar rainbow coloring. Birds are essentially the last remaining dinosaurs, and they’re also known as some of the most vibrant colored animals on our planet. In a ...

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Fishing Boat Capsizes in a Big Dam Accident


OutdoorHubFishing Boat Capsizes in a Big Dam Accident River boating can be a treacherous endeavor. Often times you can be navigating through waters that suddenly turn shallow or, depending on your location, there could be an unexpected drop off or hidden rocks. One would assume that when you are down river from a dam or waterfall, that you would have ...

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Remington: A Cautionary Tale


OutdoorHubRemington: A Cautionary Tale With the announcement of Remington filing for bankruptcy this spring, the fate of one of America’s oldest firearms makers, and American gunmakers in general, appear at a crossroads.  While the effects of the “Trump Slump” continue for a second year, Remington is not the first to experience a financial slide, nor is it likely to be the ...

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