Miami’s Biscayne Bay: Still a Fisherman’s Paradise


Urban Miami’s sprawling Biscayne Bay hosts hero species such as tarpon, bonefish and permit. (Felix Mizioznikov / Here he comes! my mind screamed. But I held my tongue: I didn’t want to spook the fish or my nephew, Hunter Salyers. Coming straight toward us was an overslot redfish, as subtle as an 18-wheeler ­rolling through South Beach. Hunter held ...

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Mid-Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

Standing up or from the chair, coveted yellowfin tuna always prove a worthy adversary. (Tom Spencer/) A 40-pound yellowfin tuna launched itself out of the water and dive-bombed my topwater popper, prompting an epic ­toe-to-toe light-tackle fight. Once the battle was over and the neon-gold tuna finally came over the gunwale, I couldn’t help but admire the pelagic wanderer and ...

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Fly Fishing for North Carolina’s Giant Red Drum

Bragging size redfish have become a top inshore target for fly anglers in North Carolina. (George Beckwith/) In North Carolina, where redfish are called puppy drum until they mature and attain the large proportions that earn them the label of red drum (bull reds in most other places), a consistent fishery for truly giant specimens has made the waters of ...

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Fall Cobia Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

The annual northern Gulf of Mexico cobia run holds big promise in fall. (Jason Stemple/) Capt. Richard Rutland pulled back the throttle on the ­powerful outboard, and his bay boat glided slowly toward the buoy marking the edge of the Mobile Bay ship ­channel. Conditions were ideal, with bright overhead sunshine, calm seas and clear, ­aqua-green water. “There’s one, right ...

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Bycatch Is a Hidden Threat to Gulf of Mexico’s Fisheries


Shining success of red snapper restoration in Gulf may be reversed by the Gulf Fisheries Management Council’s easing of bycatch restrictions on shrimpers. (Doug Olander / Sport Fishing/) Restoring the red snapper fishery in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the great conservation achievements of recent times. Bringing that fishery back from severe decline has not been without controversy. ...

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Add Rod and Tackle Storage to Your Fishing Boat

Some add-on tackle-storage units are designed to fit under the leaning post, in place of a cooler. (Courtesy Boat Outfitters/) The size of the boat matters little: Anglers’ desire to enhance onboard rod and tackle storage is universal. Boatbuilders are adding more to their new models, but what about that 10-year-old boat that still runs well and would be perfect, ...

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Deep-Drop Fishing with Electric Reels


The technology of electric reels and electronics has helped make deepwater prizes like this big golden tilefish a regular part of deep-dropping. (Capt. Nick Gonzales/) Electronics Critical for Deep-Drop Fishing Remember depth finders back in the day? Forget fish-finders: Those archaic pieces of equipment were doing a great job if they could tell you depth. Vintage depth finders would literally ...

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Recipe: Cured Tuna Crudo

True fresh-tuna aficionados, for the most part, eschew cooking their catch. Once the tuna has marinated for an hour, this simple and light recipe goes together in a jiffy, and takes full advantage of a fresh catch of either yellowfin or bluefin tuna. This dish pairs well with the Ravenous Pig’s Great Expectations cocktail: 3⁄4 oz. Panama-Pacific, 9-year rum , ...

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Boat Test: Pursuit DC 266

The DC 266 is capable of casual fishing, cruising and family time. (Courtesy Pursuit/) The new DC 266 was designed with versatility in mind, instantly becoming a top option for ­anyone in search of the ideal boat for casual fishing, cruising and family time. At first glance, the boat appears larger than its specs indicate, and once aboard, you quickly ...

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Boat Test: Cabo 41

Cabo’s new sport-fisher is a stunning 41-foot game boat. (Courtesy Cabo Yachts/) “We’re looking for buyers who want more accommodations such as air conditioning, ­mezzanine seating, a nice galley, comfortable berths and more,” says Jeff Donahue, sport-fish segment director for Hatteras and Cabo. Back in the early 1990s, this boatbuilder rolled out both flybridge and ­express models. Over the years, ...

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Spring Line Docking

Crossed spring lines are crucial for keeping the engine and stern off the seawall and the boat centered in the slip. Yet depending on tidal fluctuations, those same lines can catch engine cowlings or dip into the water and become slimy and fouled. Here’s a simple and inexpensive trick to remedy those problems Simple solution keeps dock lines clear. (Dave ...

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How to Place Rod Holders in Your Boat

The right rod holders in the right place help spell success. (George Poveromo/) Rod-holder positioning defines angler caliber. While a couple of pairs of transom-mounted aft-facing ­holders might suffice for light trolling, they’ll prove inadequate for a full spread of trolling baits. It’s not only a numbers game with rod holders. Precisely placing holders complements your fishing style. Dragging Baits ...

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