New Fishing Products at ICAST 2019

Veteran Key West captain Steve Roger shows off the new Shimano Speedmaster reel. (SWS Staff/)Shimano’s new Speedmaster reel will be available in 2 sizes: 12 and 16 class, featuring 2 speeds and lever drag with 40 pounds of stopping power. (SWS Staff/)Shimano pro JP DeRose demos the newly redesigned Stradic spinning reel. (SWS Staff/)The latest version of Shimano’s Stradic spinning ...

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Boat Test: Contender 44ST

The Contender 44ST is a cutting-edge fishing machine that dispenses with frills. (Courtesy Contender/) It seems the larger a center-console grows, the more builders feel obliged to build in frills to appeal to customers’ family members who do not share a passion for angling. Not so with the new Contender 44 ST. the expansive self-bailing deck was wide open with ...

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Boat Test: Northcoast 280 CC

The Northcoast 280 CC is an unpretentious 28-foot center-console focused on big-water fishability. (Courtesy NorthCoast Boats/) Touted by the builder as a canyon runner’s dream, NorthCoast’s redesigned flagship—the 280 CC—is built with the hardcore offshore angler in mind, endowed with the brawn to take on rough seas, and more than enough range to safely make it to the canyons and ...

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Why Fishing Rods Break

The author applies maximum pressure at the top of his lifting arc; lifting higher can entail too much risk to the rod for too little gain. (Dave Lewis/) Our panga wallowed in a hefty Pacific swell just a few hundred yards off a rocky peninsula while the skipper used the engine to hold us in a position both safe and ...

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California’s Salmon Season is Going Gangbusters

Not far off the coast of central and northern California, big Chinook salmon are swarming. (Courtesy GGSA/) California’s salmon season is off to a roaring start, from all reports. One veteran charter skipper, John Atkinson with New Ray Ann Sport Fishing out of Sausalito, describes the fishing as “phenomenal,” citing an average thus far (about a third of the way ...

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An Expedition to Find Papua New Guinea’s River Snapper


One of the hardest fish to land? Given its habitat and strength, yes, say enthusiasts of Niugini black bass. Even smaller ones like this that struck a bright Halco Poltergeist deep diver are a challenge to bring to the boat. (Doug Olander / Sport Fishing/) An Ultimate Bucket-List Inshore Fish While many saltwater anglers have never heard of Papua New ...

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The Truth About Reel Bearings


How many bearings a reel uses may be less important than what they’re made of and how they’re used. (Jon Whittle / Sport Fishing/) When they’re considering purchasing a reel, anglers can’t help but notice how many bearings it offers. But the truth is that reels with lots of bearings aren’t necessarily better. The quality of the bearings, and the ...

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Boat Review: Stamas 33T Aventura

Boasting sleek lines and an integrated hardtop, the 33T Aventura represents new design thinking from Stamas Yacht. (Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing/) The 33T Aventura heralds a new era in design for Stamas Yacht, the oldest family-owned ­boatbuilder in the United States. The Tarpon Springs, Florida-based company was founded in 1938, and in recent years, its Aegean express series and ...

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What to Look for in a Boat Trailer

Boat trailers with aluminum frames are lighter than those with steel frames and offer greater corrosion resistance. (Bill Doster/) Thank goodness for boat trailers. Without them, many anglers might not own boats. Marinas would fill to capacity, and prospective boat owners would be out of luck. That, of course, is not the case. An estimated 11 million boats ride to and ...

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Recipe: Roasted Striped Bass

The three components of this dish come together quickly when prepared in the right sequence. Start by building the vinaigrette, which can then be held warm until plating. Grill the asparagus next—nothing fancy, just grilled with salt and pepper until hot and slightly charred but still firm. Then move on to cooking the fish. Stack the three components— asparagus, mushrooms ...

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Fight Against Atlantic Menhaden Certification Moves to Next Round


Little menhaden (pogies) are ecosystem-critical for the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard. (Doug Olander / Sport Fishing/) The objections raised by sportfishing groups in opposition to certification of the industrial Atlantic menhaden fishery as a “sustainable fishery” are scheduled to be heard by an independent adjudicator on July 8 and 9. In March, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), Coastal Conservation Association ...

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Top Wahoo Trolling Rig

Wahoo, a prize catch, demand a lot from anglers’ techniques and fighting skills. (Richard Gibson/) Targeting wahoo is a specialized art, ranging from live-baiting to high-speed trolling. A slashing fish with a hard mouth, wahoo are difficult to hook. If they’re still on after the strike, it’s a must to keep a tight line, right to the gaff; any slack ...

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