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Evinrude Introduces the E-TEC G2 115, 140 and 150 hp Outboards

Evinrude has rolled out new smaller G2 outboards in the 115-, 140- (pictured) and 150-hp class. (Courtesy Evinrude/) When choosing an outboard for a smaller boat, smooth and quiet almost supersede power, because that motor is likely just an arm’s length away — which is why the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 115 H.O. won me over from the first turn ...

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Regulator 26XO Review


Regulator’s new 26XO answers requests from the company’s customers and fans for a boat that can fish skinny but still head offshore. (Courtesy Regulator/) As I walked toward the floating dock at Charleston’s Wapoo Cut boat ramp, the Regulator 26XO floated placidly in the current, looking all the world like an offshore boat with a proud, flared bow and more ...

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Pair the Right Transducer to Your Fish Finder


Whether you buy a transom-mount or through-hull, you’ll need to mount that transducer so its face is exposed to clear water. (Capt. Tim Simos / bluewaterimages.net/) Fish finders might be the superheroes of the marine-electronics world, but transducers are the always important, though seldom appreciated, sidekicks. Without the right transducer mounted in just the right place, that fish finder can’t ...

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Solace Boats 345 First Glance


The Florida-based company says this new vessel will change the design of fish boats. (Courtesy Solace Boats/) Solace Boats, a new company started by Stephen Dougherty—whose boatbuilding pedigree includes time spent with Boston Whaler as well as co-ownership of EdgeWater Boats and Everglades Boats—is in the process of launching its first model: the 345. The Florida-based company says this new ...

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Take Mid-Atlantic Tuna on Eels

Bluefin tuna migrate closer to shore in the mid-Atlantic during spring and summer, coinciding with a remarkable annual sand eel aggregation. (Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Creative/) It was a slow summer at Hudson Canyon off New York, but we were going in any case, because you can’t catch tuna when you’re dry on the dock. We weren’t halfway ...

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Automatic Docking Systems for Boats

DockSense from FLIR/Raymarine uses five machine-vision ­cameras integrated with a joystick system and an Axiom display. (Courtesy FLIR/Raymarine/) Today, a growing number of automobiles with ­parking- assistance ­technology are sliding into parking spots on streets around the world. Such systems, usually offered as optional, help drivers put cars into tight spaces with little or no input to the steering wheel, ...

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Long-Distance Boat Trailering

These items will address most frequent road-trip challenges: <strong>[1] Spare Tire:</strong> Filled to the proper air pressure just before the trip. <strong>[2] Grease Gun:</strong> With the respective marine-grease cartridge. <strong>[3] Lug Wrench:</strong> Remember more length means more leverage and torque. <strong>[4] Adjustable Wrench:</strong> Big enough for all trailer nuts and bolts. <strong>[5] Trailer Hub Assembly:</strong> A quick-change option in case ...

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Our List of the Best Striper Jigs

Striped bass jigs encompass a broad category of artificial lures that lend themselves to an equally wide variety of applications. Regardless of type, their appeal is to the striped bass predatory instincts by emulating forage fish. Bucktail jigs, such as Spro bucktails, Andrus Lures Smiling Bill or any variety of generic bucktail, in any color so long as it’s white, ...

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The World’s Best Sailfish Spots

Iconic bluewater gamefish found in all the world’s warm waters, sailfish are consummate predators. (Chris & Monique Fallows/) Although these 13 hot spots aren’t the only places in the world to go for great sailfishing, they’re among the best bets to find the best sailfishing in the world. By any measure, in various respects, each deserves close consideration. Note that ...

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NOAA Fisheries’ New Plan Increases Angler Engagement

Recreational fishing in the U.S. is vital both to the economy and a well-being of millions for whom the sport is a major form of recreation. (Doug Olander / Sport Fishing/) NOAA Fisheries released six regional Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Engagement Plans as part of our celebration of National Fishing and Boating Week 2019. Together, these plans provide a blueprint for ...

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Best Rigs for Striped Bass

The best rigs for striped bass are the ones that work in a given situation. But situations are seldom the same day to day, and location to location. When stripers are feeding at the surface any variety of plugs, spoons and jigs will garner their share of strikes. But as an overall strategy, trolling remains the premier tactic for locating ...

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Ranger 2360 Bay: 2019 Boat Buyers Guide

Ranger continues to expand their performance fishing boats. The brand-new Ranger 2360 Bay has all of the hardcore fishing features that you’d find in Ranger’s other bay boats, but it also has the family package that adds plenty of creature comforts. When the fishing day is done and it’s time to relax, hang out at the beach or cruise to ...

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