DTLGear Outdoorsman First Aid Kit


OutdoorHubDTLGear Outdoorsman First Aid Kit Are you an avid outdoorsman? Do you like to hunt, fish, hike, camp, boat, target shoot or travel? Then you should already have a first aid kit with you or at least nearby all the time. Question is does your kit have the essentials you may really need aside from Band-Aids and tweezers? Whether around ...

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‘I Cut My Leg Off’: The Gary Edinger Story


OutdoorHub‘I Cut My Leg Off’: The Gary Edinger Story Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.” Well, on a frigid February morning in 2007, a tough-as-nails logger named Gary Edinger faced a battle for his life after severing his leg while felling a tree in the remote woods of Northern Wisconsin. This is ...

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Catch Giant Fall Walleyes at Night


The author with a pair of late-night Erie walleyes. (Ross Robertson/) Fans of early hip-hop acts might remember Whodini. The group’s 1984 hit “Freaks Come Out at Night” has always been a personal favorite, if not something of a mantra for walleye guys who live for sunset in the fall. This time of year, the big fish move shallow after ...

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Wrangler Commits $100K Towards Ducks Unlimited’s Conservation Efforts


OutdoorHubWrangler Commits $100K Towards Ducks Unlimited’s Conservation Efforts In an announcement last week, Ducks Unlimited (DU) revealed Wrangler Jeans will donate $100,000 over five years going towards conservation and land acquisition in North Carolina – the home state of the global headquarters for the Wrangler brand and its parent company, Kontoor Brands, Inc. This collaboration between the brands supports the ...

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Poisonous American Dagger Caterpillar Found on Michigan College Campus


OutdoorHubPoisonous American Dagger Caterpillar Found on Michigan College Campus An American Dagger caterpillar found on the campus of Mid Michigan Community College has residents in the area on the lookout, as officials warn the fuzzy yellow and green insect is poisonous. After reports of the caterpillar being found on MMCC’s trails around campus, the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce sent ...

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Hunting4Connections is a Pioneering Dating Site for Outdoorsmen & Women


OutdoorHubHunting4Connections is a Pioneering Dating Site for Outdoorsmen & Women Dating is hard these days, and if you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, it can be a little tricky finding somebody compatible who shares and understands that lifestyle. Hunting4Connections is a new dating site which looks to be a bridge to connect those who share similar passions ...

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ARGO XTVs Take Hunters & Anglers Where Other Off-Road Vehicles Can’t Go


OutdoorHubARGO XTVs Take Hunters & Anglers Where Other Off-Road Vehicles Can’t Go Have you ever caught yourself lost in the taillights of your buddy’s Side-by-Side as he tears down the trail, while you’re stuck in a quagmire of ‘skeg? It’s no fun. Take the road less traveled with ARGO XTVs. Unless, of course, you’ve got an ARGO XTV, which can spare you the indignity ...

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Chasing Raccoons Through The Ozarks by Muleback


There’s a rich and somewhat bizarre tradition of Ozark hunters chasing raccoons with their mules, although it’s not widely practiced these days. But Clay Newcomb isn’t the historical re-enactor type, and he’s not trying to revive the glory days of Ozark coon hunting. It’s admittedly a nod to tradition, but he mostly hunts with his mule because he’s always wanted ...

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10 Great Guns That We Wish Were Still Being Made


If you’ve been shooting or hunting for any significant period of time, you probably have regrets over parting with a gun or two that you shouldn’t have. Equally disappointing are those times when a manufacturer stops making a favorite gun, often without warning or announcement. Sometimes, guns go away because they simply aren’t selling in sufficient numbers to justify continued ...

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Hunting is About Much More Than the Meat


Hamburger Helper and venison. Classic. (Jamie Carlson/) Let me tell you a secret: You can cook wild game with no motivation whatsoever other than dinner. You don’t have to post it to Instagram, or even take a picture of it. In fact, if the only person impressed with your dish is your 5-year-old, that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s just a Wednesday ...

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