6 Things You Learn Buying Holsters By The Ton


OutdoorHub6 Things You Learn Buying Holsters By The Ton The other day I gathered up all the holsters I’ve bought over the years. I didn’t fully appreciate the size of the pile until I later heard reports of an unexplained gravitational field emanating from my subdivision. Enough of that; it’s time for some spring cleaning. Who among us has time ...

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Canik TP9 Elite Combat 1000+ Round Review


OutdoorHubCanik TP9 Elite Combat 1000+ Round Review I was first introduced to Canik pistols five or six years ago. It looked like a pretty nice pistol, and felt like one too, but when I saw the price, I dismissed it. I thought it was just a pretty looking gun at a bargain price with bargain performance. Possibly, I thought, it ...

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This Young Goose Hunter is Fired Up Over His First Banded Bird


OutdoorHubThis Young Goose Hunter is Fired Up Over His First Banded Bird Happy Friday, everyone! With another week in the books, we’re that much closer to our favorite time of year – hunting season! Perhaps you’ve noticed the days drawing in, the mornings getting darker and temperatures dipping ever so slightly. Can you feel it in the air? Another hunting ...

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Hit More Quail with These Close-Range Chokes, Loads, and Tactics


The authors small munsterlander pointer after a good day of shooting. (Jarrod Spilger/) For many years, I wasn’t a quail hunter. Quail were merely an afterthought, a chance encounter while pheasant hunting. Then I got Phantom, my small munsterlander pointer. For eight seasons, she led me on a crusade for quail that gave me a fresh perspective on the pursuit ...

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Weatherby’s Mark V Backcountry Ti in the New 6.5 RPM


Paired with the right bipod and scope, the Backcountry Ti is a sub-7-pound rig. (Bill Buckley/) For the last 75 years, it’s been easy to recognize a Weatherby cartridge. The distinctive double-radiused shoulder is a dead giveaway, as is the proportion of brass (a lot) to bullet. If you had to triple-check, you could look for the belt on the ...

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Ruffed Grouse Endangered Listing: Indiana Considers Adding Native Bird to Endangered Species List


OutdoorHubRuffed Grouse Endangered Listing: Indiana Considers Adding Native Bird to Endangered Species List Ruffed grouse numbers are alarmingly low in Indiana, causing the Natural Resources Commission to consider adding the native bird to the state’s endangered species list. Young forest habitat for grouse has continually disappeared in the Hoosier State since the 1980’s – hunters haven’t had a chase to ...

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Mountain Lion Gets Trapped in Family’s Bathroom After Chasing Cat into Sonora Home


OutdoorHubMountain Lion Gets Trapped in Family’s Bathroom After Chasing Cat into Sonora Home A couple in Tuolumne County, California accidentally left a door to their house open, and received a surprise (and unwanted) visitor while watching TV Sunday evening. “We were just watching television and then all of a sudden, we heard a big bang,” homeowner Edward Sudduth recalled. Edward, 84, ...

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3 Features to Consider in Your Next Bow Case


A good bow case will protect your bow, arrows, and all the other critical gear it takes to pull off a successful hunt. (Plano/) The more sophisticated compound bows become, the more sensitive they are to mistreatment. One careless drop or ding during transit can ruin a hunt, when time spent afield must be wasted re-tuning sights, limbs, or cables. ...

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3 Features You Need in a Pair of Fishing Pliers


Most anglers are never without their fishing pliers when they’re on the water. (KastKing/) A pair of good fishing pliers is useful in every angling situation, whether you’re chasing catfish, tuna, bass, salmon, sharks—whatever you choose to pursue. True fishing pliers are not simply for removing hooks or mashing barbs. It’s the tool serious anglers keep on their hip or ...

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