Charming Houses of Cape Cod

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the Fall leaf pictures from our trip to Cape Cod.  There was certainly plenty of it on our recent vacation and another thing that I couldn’t get enough of is the houses of Cape Cod.  I’ve always been drawn to this type architecture.  We have a few of these houses in Georgia, but they are few and far between.  They always draw me in, with their cute and charming style.  The cedar shingles, the shape of Cape Cod houses, some very similar and some different, some with dormers, some not.  Some big and some small. Cape Cod style is not cookie cutter, but it has a homey look that is so beautiful and quaint.  There’s a mix of shingles and siding in many of these houses.  You’ll also see a lot of stone walls all around Cape Cod, those were particular interesting to Mark, he loves them so.  Some of them are very old and historical.

If I was going to build my dream house, it would have some of the charm of Cape Cod style.  I just love it and Mark does too!  So, you can imagine all the house gawking we did while driving around those neighborhoods.  I hope these folks don’t mind that I took pics of their homes, I just couldn’t help it!  I have a feeling they get photographed a lot from all the sightseeing lookie-loos just like us! 

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