Ciara Rae Releases new video ‘Slow Burn’

By Sal Verini –

You ready for the next country hit? Slow Burn by Ciara Rae is gearing up to be just that. A punchy, edgy rocking song that will get you singing this tune in your head long after the music has stopped playing.

Written and produced by Ciara and Joey Gandolfo, Slow Burn reminds guys that it takes more than a few sweet words (and a little game) to get the girl. It empowers the ladies to stand up for themselves and receive the treatment they deserve, not just what the guys expect to give in order to “close the deal” so to speak. This woman isn’t fooled that easily… she’s a slow-burn.

Partially filmed in the Holey Lands, located in the Florida Everglades, Slow Burn in not only appealing to the ear but to the eye as well. Directed by Edgar Esteves, who also directed videos for Jana Kramer and Michael Ray, Slow Burn was instantly assured it would look as good as it sounds. Esteves captured the mood and message of the lyrics and translated those to a visually magnificant video that when combined, creates a video you should not miss.

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