Cole Swindell Is Enjoying the View While Touring . . . and Flying With Dierks Bentley

In addition to the onstage view of the party-loving sold-out crowds, one of the benefits of being on Dierks Bentley’s What the Hell Tour is the view from above.

Dierks, who is a licensed pilot, has been know to take his cohorts up in his plane from time to time, including current tourmate Cole Swindell.

“Dierks let me sit up front,” said Cole to Westwood One’s Country Countdown USA. “I had never seen the stars that close. It was unbelievable to have that view. I had flown private a couple times, not many times, and definitely not in the front seat. Just to get to see that, man, it’s a different view than you get any other time flying. I won’t be flying anytime or [becoming] a pilot anytime soon, but I could see how you could fall in love with that, just the freedom of it. I could see Dierks and why he loves to do that. It’s a good getaway, I’ll tell ya.”

Dierks’ What the Hell Tour continues through September with Cole and Jon Pardi.

photos by Jason Simanek

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