Colt Ford, Not Your Mama’s Country… Or So I thought…

By John Lindsay –

I was brought up listening to my mom’s classic country records.  Our house was filled with the sounds of George, Tammy, Conway, Loretta, Jeanne C., Marty Robbins, and as we got a little older Kenny, Dolly, and her boys, Alabama.  One of my mom’s greatest gifts to me is the early appreciation of the sound and heritage of classic country music.  So as it happens, a few years back I’m driving down the road with my mom when the subject turned to who’s coming to play at the club?  She is always interested in who’s coming to Round Up, or what’s going’ on at work.  Well as it happens this day I point to the CD playing in the car and say “this guy.”  I had just gotten Colt Fords “Declaration of Independence” and his great song with Jake Owen “Back” was playing.  I was surprised a little when she said she liked it.  Through a couple more tracks she continued to enjoy it, and it hit me.  My mom’s a Colt Ford fan.  And that’s the thing; Colt Ford is one of the biggest names in “Country Rap” because he doesn’t lose the “Country” in his rap.  So I think back to mom’s records, hmmm “A Boy Named Sue”, “The Pool Shark”, “Convoy” and I think now it makes sense.  Because that is a big part of Colt Fords sound.

Colt Ford and author John Lindsay.

Colt Ford and author John Lindsay.

Colt Ford’s music is unique, a blend of old school country spoken word, with old school hip hop attitude.  Don’t believe me?  Well that’s where his new collection “Answer to No One” comes in.  It is the definitive collection of Colt’s music and tribute to his vision.  You see Colt Ford’s music is just that Colt Ford’s music.  He is an owner of his label, writer of his songs, and has total control of his music, image, and shows.  He quite literally answers to no one.  It’s that mantra that has built a fiercely loyal and expanding audience.  I don’t know that I’d call it street cred, but well it is sort of like that.  His Georgia upbringing, values, and southern roots are reflected in his music.  God, Country, Hunting, Hell Raising, and Southern Twang; it’s all in there.  Colt Ford is as authentic a guy as I’ve ever met, firmly in control, with a complete vision of who he is and what he wants to do.  I’d love to have him analyze my golf swing (he was a professional golfer on the Nationwide Tour) but I am not sure I can take the brutal honesty.  That’s Colt Ford, a humble man who has built his career on honesty, hard work, and answering only to himself.

The new album which is available everywhere is a retrospective from his earliest work “No Trash in My Trailer” to his very latest “Cut ‘Em All” featuring Willie Robertson.  One might call it a greatest hits collection without a top 30 hit.  You see Colt Ford built his career himself, without a lot of mainstream radio, grinding around the country playing shows and word of mouth.  So I’d call this collection a journey.  It’s the Colt Ford audio biography and along the way you’ll hear the growth and development of his sound, and hear guest appearances from a who’s who of country.  Duets with Eric Church “Country Thang”, Jamey Johnson “Cold Beer” (nominated for CMA Vocal Event in 2011), and Jason Aldean “Drivin’ Around Song” are included as is his biggest charting song (#38) “Back” featuring Jake Owen.   A true gem included on here is the original version of “Dirt Road Anthem” featuring Brantley Gilbert which was written by Colt and Brantley and of course turned into a huge hit for Jason Aldean.

Colt Ford has succeeded by travelling down his own road and this collection will leave you with one question, “Where are we going from here?”    Well mom and I are going to buckle up and find out!

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