Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita

By Miss Mae  

January 21, 2016

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Nothing says summer like relaxing in the sun on the beach with a nice cold margarita! So why not spice things up a bit with this stimulating & thirst-quenching Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita?

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • 15 mins

    15 mins

  • Yields: 10 Servings


Pour about 1/4 cup of salt into a shallow dish and set aside.

Rub the rims of 10 glasses with a lime wedge, being careful to not over saturate the rim.

Dip the rim of each glass into the salt to coat, and set aside.

In a large pitcher, muddle the cucumber slices and jalapeño with 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Add the margarita mix, tequila, and liqueur to the pitcher. Mix well.

Fill each glass with ice and pour your freshly made jalapeño cucumber margarita mix over the ice.

Serve and Enjoy!

Miss Mae's Tips:

Don't be afraid to get creative with this! Pick up a few extra jalapeño's at the market and use them for garnish. Cucumbers, parsley, and lime would make a nice garnish as well.
When handling the jalapeño, make sure you wear gloves. I've been in a hurry once or twice and skipped this step. BIG mistake. My skin happens to be extra sensitive to jalapeño seeds, but always wear disposable gloves when you're cutting into these guys just in case!


1 Jalapeño Pepper stemmed, seeded and sliced

1/2 medium Cucumber sliced

3 cups Margarita Mix (I use Margaritaville)

1 1/2 cups Gold Tequila

3/4 cup Patron Citronge (or any orange liqueur)

1 Lime sliced

Kosher Salt


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