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The cast of Country Daze

‘Country Daze’ Debuts on FYI Channel Next Month, an Entertaining New Reality TV Show That’s Fun

Does everyone here miss country-themed reality shows like Duck Dynasty and Country Buck$? We do! So we decided to fix that issue. That’s right… there’s now a new reality show on A+E’s FYI Channel starting April 3, 2019 and it features the staff of… wait for it… us!

With hilarious moments and memorable characters, “Country Daze” is destined to become a habitual staple with viewers. Come find out what it takes to run, a member of the Country Music Association, (CMA).

“Many times the staff and I would look back on our day and say, ‘wow, we would make a great reality show. And here we are,'” says the show’s Executive Producer and cast member, Salvatore Verini. “We are naturally so off-center and fun, it makes us very relatable. Everyone is very unique in their own way.”

country daze cast

The cast of Country Daze

Viewers will go behind-the-scenes with the staff as they come up with story ideas and witness their antics both in and out of the office. This place is anything but normal. You’ll meet Sal, the irregular, business-savvy CEO, as he keeps the company glued together with the assistance of Big Mike, part body guard, part right hand man and part flat earth theorist. In reality, these guys are mostly in search of the best way to entertain themselves and their staff of close friends. Thankfully for viewers, this always blurs the line between work and play as the staff constantly embarks on crazy adventures to interesting locations in search of their next great story idea.

Country Daze is sure to fill the void left by the departure of popular country-themed reality shows such as Duck Dynasty and Country Buck$.  If you liked those shows, you are sure to like Country Daze.


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