Country Meets Technology: Modernizing Your Country Home

by Cassie Steele –


The charm of a rustic, country home can be quite alluring. On the other hand, technology is everywhere and most recently, technology has begun to make its way into our homes. In the kitchens, living rooms and even the utility rooms, the employment of technological advancements has continued to modernize homes. Whether it is ideas such as updating the classic structure of a ranch or adding some cool additions with the help of recent technologies, adding a modern touch can make the home look more beautiful. However, a common question for homeowners often is: how can I successfully incorporate a bit of modern without losing my traditional country home feel? Getting the right mix of rural and technology comes down to including a few small, impactful changes that do not take the spotlight away from your home overall. Read on for a few attention worthy modern additions you can incorporate into your country home without losing the traditional touch.

Start With Kitchen Appliances

For many, their home is their comfort zone. Incorporating smart home appliances such as WiFi enabled refrigerators can help you step forward into the modern era and also make household tasks easier. With these models looking similar to a traditional version, the difference is noted in its use not appearance.  Smart locks such as those provided by Google home come voice enabled allowing you to enquire from Google whether your door is locked and control it using your voice command. Simple hacks like these make no large difference to the rustic appearance of your home but takes your home security to a higher level.

Rethink Your Lighting

One of the simplest but most impactful ways to modernize your home regardless of age or style is to upgrade your lighting.The installation of LED bulbs can make your country home look serene, save on energy and best of all, they look more or less the same as their traditional counterparts. Consider additions such as motion-detecting or smart lighting systems to revolutionize your traditional home setting. Additions like these allow for preset activity based lighting which optimizes comfort and functionality in the kitchen but also makes minimal physical impact on the home’s aesthetics. Lighting advancements such as Ambience LED Smart Bulbs and other smart mechanisms are transforming property blueprint choices. LED lights can improve the energy efficiency of your country home by saving your household around $8.33 each month.

Modernize The Cleaning Process

Technology can be implicated into every aspect of your home including the cleaning process. Now you can keep your house clean at all times with the use of a robot vacuum or other smart home gadgets. Robot vacuums that connect to your WiFi network are easily hidden when not in use, is voice controlled and can adapt to several kinds of surfaces in the home. At a cost of under $300, the device is a budget friendly addition to a country home as well. Smaller cleaning aids such as the SonicScrubber are also available to help with the cleaning of stove tops and counter tops. It comes with different pre programmed settings, ideal for several situations and surfaces in the home and removes the manual effort that comes with the task.

Above all, keep in mind that regardless of your tastes whether modern or traditional, the aim is to make your house a home. Choosing to modernize your traditional home can be a good choice if you are looking to keep on trend and make your home more efficient. As long as you allow your home’s natural charm to shine through,  you will find yourself at a happy medium.


  • Cassie Steele is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Everything Country.

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