Country Music… Has It Fallen Off Its Original Roots?

By Felix Casado –

Johnny Cash would roll over his grave if he heard what country music has become and where it has been going for the past 5 years. I’ve been involved in country music for the past 10 years as a DJ in one of the largest Country Western Night Clubs in South Florida, and let me tell you I’m shocked to hear what this generation calls country music.

Lets take Taylor Swift for example. She was a rising country singer with a huge following, both young and old, and her lyrics touched lives and made memories.  So what happened? Her music changed from the sweet country roots to this annoying pop “shake it off” feel. But the problem is not the change from country to pop. It’s the fact she is still considered a “country artist” to the young generation she touched with her lyrics, making it harder for a real “country artist” to really break out from their living rooms to the big stage. This is leaving everyone with blank spaces to fill in to what is truly country.

Is “The Man” behind making everything commercialize affecting how we look, feel and hear country music? I think so.  It’s all about how much money you can make, not about how lyrics and music make you feel. From “Shake It For Me” (Luke Bryan)  to “No Trash In My Trailer” (Colt Ford), what kind of message are we sending out to this generation that wants to listen to “Country Music”?  Or, how I like to call it, “Pop-Country”. Is there no more love for the country we live in? Or how to tell a woman how you really feel and how hard work pays off? Nope… lets just degrade women by calling them trailer trash and shaking their rears for attention.

I remember when Rap was Rap and Country was Country. And now another kind of country comes from the depths of hell… “Hick-Hop” or “Rap-Country”. You’ve got to be kidding me right? This kind of “Country Music” is why I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Hank Senior would pop out of their graves and slap these so-called Country Artists. All they talk about is mudding, getting drunk, fighting and degrading woman with striper lingo and striper polls. Even more sickening are the music videos that come with the songs. Half naked girls on polls, drinking and driving big lifts and doing drugs. This is not Country!

Country music as I view it, from the eyes of a DJ, has changed so much that it’s not like the good old days. But, I respect a lot of artist that are making it still keeping it country with a twist of southern rock, that talk about love, where they come from and how to keep country “Country”!

But here’s a small secret that people should learn… don’t fall for the commercialized songs that are played and over played on the radio. Buy the entire album!! For example Dustin Lynch has a great single from his new album “Hell Of A Night”. Super commercialized but… listen to the rest and you will fall in love with the whole album. As with every artist, there is some good and some bad in their music. You just have to find the good and look past the BS of the radio songs.

Don’t get me wrong I love music, and I love listening to music all day/every day. However, we need to make a pathway for the artists that are really trying to make it with songs that are real Country. But the labels are scared to take a chance it seems. They need to look at “The King” George Straight. He could sell out any stadium in minutes, yet I don’t see him busting out some Flava Flave in the mix with a little bit of LL Cool J. He keeps it country and original just the same way when he started. Hmm… maybe now we know why they call him “the King”.

So to end my rant… we need to bring back Country Music to its roots, and the only people that can do that is YOU. Support your locals and up-and-coming artists that have that “Turbo Twang” to there music. Let’s show those Corporate Fat Cats that sometimes it’s not a good idea to mess with something that has been rocking longer then some of them have been alive. And please let’s stop this Pop/Rap/Country…




About Felix Casado

Music is what Felix lives for. He loves to DJ, produce and review music. Felix has also served as a reporter for Clear Channel Communications, working in various venues such as Sirius/XM Radio.