Dining Room Rug Update with eSale Rugs

Sometimes we just want a change, don’t we? I’ve had the same seagrass rug in my dining room for at least 7 years. This seagrass was in my old house and I had another one in my previous dining room, which means seagrass has been with me for many years. And that means, I was getting a little antsy for a change in there. Don’t get me wrong. I still love seagrass and natural textured rugs a lot and they definitely have a great look to them and fit in so many spaces. I will definitely keep the seagrass rug and may be able to use it somewhere else, it’s still in great shape.

The thing about our dining room and my previous dining room in my old house is the fact that it’s a smallish dining room. Both of them were very similar in size and my round table and chairs fit in there really nicely. So if you have a small dining room, you might want to take note of this. One thing I noticed over the years is that a square rug works so much better in a small dining room and especially with a round table, so I had bought the 8′ square seagrass and knew when i went to replace it that I would do another 8′ square rug. A bigger size rug would have overwhelmed my space and not fit nearly as well. There are quite a few out there in that square size but not as many as other standard sizes. I’m so happy I found one online that I love with eSale rugs.

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