Drink This: The Cider (Old) Camp Shandy

There’s finally the faintest hint of fall in the air in Nashville, and we’re grateful because we’ve been sitting on a fantastic new cocktail recipe from our friends Florida Georgia Line that features their Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey. Autumn is the perfect season for Old Camp since it was inspired by evenings standing around a campfire while members of the band passed a bottle around to celebrate another successful show.

The flavors of sweet peach and nutty pecan in
Old Camp already smacks of fall, and when you add apple cider and just a hint
of acidic citrus with some lemon juice, you’ve got a great autumnal cocktail.
The Cider Camp Shandy is a fine accompaniment to your tailgating menu, backyard
grilling session or a cool weather camping trip into the woods. Since Old Camp
is a little lower in alcohol than straight whiskey and because this cocktail
also features beer as an ingredient to make it officially a shandy, you can
enjoy them without worrying as much that your buddy Todd might accidentally set
the tent on fire.

You could even multiply the recipe to make a punch out of it to serve a group, but we suggest topping each individual drink with the beer rather than adding it to the punch bowl so you don’t lose that delightful fizz. Be sure to use fresh lemon juice to add a little brightness and splurge on the best local apple cider you can find. Besides shopping for ingredients, the rest is easy! Mix up a few cider camp shandys tonight and pair them with some s’mores cooked over your backyard fire pit.

Cider Camp Shandy2 ounces of Old Camp Peach Pecan Whiskey 1 ounce apple cider3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice American-style lager beer

Add the ingredients in order to a chilled pint
glass and top with a splash of beer. Garnish with a dried apple if you want to
get all fancy.

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