Fashion over 50: Fall Layering

Happy Wednesday and Fashion over 50 day!  I’m back this week trying to get caught up from being on vacation for a week and getting myself together.  I have to tell you a funny story when we went on vacation last week.  We packed our suitcases, taking 2 roll on cases, along with our carry on bags and checked one bag.  I travel a lot more than Mark does, so it’s second nature to me to get myself packed and out the door.  I took a big canvas bag for my carry on and had lots of stuff in there, including my laptop and toiletry bag.  I put on my makeup as we were leaving bright and early that morning and since Mark was taking a flannel backpack with his iPad and not much else, I stuck my makeup bag in there.

As we parked our car in the off site parking lot, getting on the shuttle to the airport, Mark mentioned his backpack and the fact that it wasn’t in our car.  I immediately jumped to my makeup bag and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  You have NO makeup for the week!  I sat there in the early morning chill taking all that in and shaking my head trying to decide how I was going to handle that. NO makeup for the week!  He felt bad about it, but there was nothing to be done then.

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