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By: Sebrie Springs

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Cody Johnson: caring husband, loving father, renowned team roper, and owner of Apparel by Twisted J. After a little research into this brand and a great conversation with Cody one on one, I found a true appreciation for Apparel by Twisted J and its perfect reflection of what Everything Country stands for.

Named after Cody’s ranch, the Apparel by Twisted J business is completely operated by the Johnson family, including Cody’s wife, Luann, and daughters Tori and Bayli. His youngest son, Clay, is also involved, along with Cody’s mother, Linda. Together, they operate the Texas based business right out of Stephenville. The business launched back in 2011 and has been on a rise ever since.

I began the interview by asking Cody what inspired him to create Apparel by Twisted J. He explained that the idea started for the purpose of additional income, and after visiting different tradeshows, his wife and daughter collected ideas that would eventually translate into their own designs. With Cody’s background as a professional roper, they initially designed western shirts with a longer tail that allowed riders to keep their shirts tucked in. The brand quickly grew from there. With grass roots marketing and heavy word of mouth, the brand rapidly developed a following. Apparel by Twisted J is now recognized across the country, sponsoring several artists and PRCA Cowboys.

Apparel by Twisted J has licensing agreements with all major rope brands, including EquiBrand, Classic, Cactus, and Fast Back. The brand also offers custom screen-printing, embroidery and patches, and has a great selection of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories! Aside from their impressive line of products, Apparel by Twisted J is also involved with Janie’s Fund, a charitable organization created by Aerosmith’s own Steven Tyler, whose aim is to bring hope and healing to young girls who have been abused. In fact, Cody specially created a t-shirt where a percentage of the proceeds goes directly towards Janie’s Fund. For more information on this admirable organization or to purchase the t-shirt, be sure to visit their website: www.getalittletwisted.com

Finally, when I asked Cody what the future holds for Apparel by Twisted J, he matter-of-factly responded, “Nothing is holding us back.” He described the regular changes and new designs the brand offers and the exponential growth set for the years to come. When I asked him what sort of audience he was appealing to with his label and what sort of demographic was wearing his brand, he boldly stated, “There are 6.5 billion people on this planet, and I want 6.5 billion people wearing my clothes.” His desire to appeal to everyone, regardless of age or background, was inspiring. As we wrapped up the interview, he left me with the following quote: “I am living proof that you can live your dream.” Cody was an absolute pleasure to speak with and we wish him nothing but success as he continues to grow his brand.

Be sure to visit their website for the entire selection of Apparel by Twisted J. Here are a few of our favorite finds!





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