Getting Tattoos Over 50: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Cassie Steele –


Taboos around tattoos have become a thing of the past. According to a survey conducted in 2017, more than 40% of Americans are proud ink-bearers, and a good portion of those people are above the age of 50. As more people closer to retirement are getting inked, it’s good to know what styles are out there and how age factors in when choosing a design that expresses what you want from your body art. Tattoos are an excellent form of personal expression, and whether for artistic appreciation or patriotism, body art can serve to unite you with a great community of diverse and creative individuals.

What to Know About Getting a Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is an exciting experience. Possibilities for different designs seem endless once you start seeing your body as a canvas for incredible ink based art; like many people with tattoos claim, once you get one, a whole world of possibility opens up. However, age comes with some minor limits. Given how older skin is more fragile, more intricate or color intensive designs may not come out with the most clarity. The quality of the design also deals in part with how experienced your artists. Thus, it’s good to go with designs that are more bold, and to look into a tattoo artist who has a style you like and can be trusted for doing a quality job.

Styles of Tattoo Art

Tattooing is both prominent as an artistic and cultural practice. A diversity in purpose has lead to the creation of a wide range of tattooing styles. What’s considered the traditional style of tattoo art consists of bold lines and colors, typically depicting objects such as roses and the heads of women. Designs based on principles of realism have also grown in popularity over the years, along with an intricate watercolor style that appears borderless and is considered quite aesthetically pleasing among younger people. Some more ethnic styles include tribal tattoos, designs based on Chicano imagery, and Japanese based designs, which can depict images like cherry blossoms.

Something More Country

It’s great to keep your options open when considering a meaningful tattoo design. Sometimes though, it’s good to fall back on what seems the most homey. There are plenty of country inspired designs that capture the grace and beauty of our country’s image. Styles reminiscent of Sailor Jerry offer a classic Americana aesthetic that preserve the intense and noble legacy of this country’s history. Touting an American style tattoo also fosters a greater sense of unity between you and the fellow patriots that’ll be found across the world, also wearing their country’s pride literally on their sleeve.

Tattoos open up a world of expression for anyone who gets one. Whether your design serves as a testament to something meaningful, or just functions as attractive art, there’s no reason not to commit to getting ink, no matter what age.

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