Getting to know adam wakefield

by Felix Casado –


I’m back with another review this time I’m talking to one of the Previous “The Voice” Contestant and newest Average Joe Recording Artist ADAM WAKEFIELD! He shows us a little into this life as an artist and a regular country boy.  If you haven’t heard his music well your missing out.


Picking music for your EP how hard has it been picking the right songs for your fans?

It wasn’t too tough. I trust my fans to dig the stuff that I dig playing. The EP was easy to pick out songs for because we had already been playing new material out live on the road and were able to get a feel for what was working best in the show.


Working with Blake Shelton had to be a blast especially with your Country background, who do you look forward to working with and have you and Blake talked about a duet?

I look forward to working with new musicians I meet in Nashville on a regular basis. This place is so full of talent and great people, and there’s always someone new moving to town. Honestly, I haven’t talked to Blake since I got off The Voice, but he is a busy guy.



After “The Voice” what was the first thing you did once you got back home? Did you relax or get right to work?

I went right back to work. I had already been booking shows and getting studio time setup. I knew the hardest thing was going to be keeping momentum going after the show ends so I was prepared to work even harder once the show was over.



Your song “Cheap Whiskey & Bad Cocaine” Where did the lyrics of this song come about? And what are you feelings behind the song?

At the time I wrote this song a lot of people were releasing songs whining about how hard it is to be a songwriter/artist in Nashville and I wanted to come at the subject with a different perspective. I’ve struggled here at times, just like everyone else, but I try to stay positive and busy. Not everyone who moves to Nashville “makes it”. Not even all the people who deserve to “make it,” will. So you just gotta keep doing your thing and enjoy the ride for what it is.


Adam you have a lot going on, what’s next for you? Travel? Tours?

I’m touring a bunch in September and I am also finishing up the tracks for this new record I’ve been working on with Average Joe’s.


Congrats on being signed to Average Joes! How is it working with Colt Ford and the rest of the Average Joe Family? Any collaborations?

Thank you. It’s been really great. They have supported the direction I have taken musically and shown me a lot of trust. What we’re doing right now has been a departure from what both of us are used to and we’re really excited about it. Colt and me actually released a song together not too long ago called “Ducks”. You should check it out; it’s catchy and pretty damn funny.


For new and current fans, if you had one motto to share with everyone to remember you by, what would your motto be?

Always write, play and sing with sincerity.


If you had to give a future singer trying to get into one of the televised singing contests, what would be your best advice?

Just get as much fun out of it as you can, don’t take it too seriously (and stay away from craft services on Mexican day, ha ).


Well there you have it Adam Wakefield one of the best in the game right now holding it down with his single “As good as it gets” make sure you get it music and follow him on social media.

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