Happy New Year! Fashion over 50

I can’t believe we are starting a new decade with 2020! It just sounds weird, doesn’t it? I was just mentioning to my dad that we are turning the year over to 2020 and it dawned on me that he was born in 1927 and if he lives that long will turn 100 in 7 more years. I knew that, but it’s crazy to think about! I can’t imagine how he must feel about that. I’m celebrating with my family today eating black eyed peas, greens and cornbread. If you want to see us in action, I’ll be sharing it on my Instagram stories today.

I’ve got a Christmas post to share next week, but wanted to catch you up on a little bit of personal stuff today. My sister and I are taking my mom down to Florida tomorrow for the weekend to see her brother. He’s one of 3 brothers that she still has left (4 siblings out of 7 are still with us) and he’s not doing well health wise and so we want to go and see him while we can. We dearly love him and it’s just hard to watch this older generation leave the planet, but it’s just the way life is. He lost his wife 3 years ago and that was so hard too. So that’s what is happening this week in our family.

On to Fashion over 50 today! I didn’t do much dressing up over the Holidays. It seems to me that yoga pants and comfy clothes are the fashion of the Holidays and unless we were going somewhere, that’s what I had on.

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