Homemade Oatmeal Cookies

Who loves oatmeal cookies besides Mark? They are his favorite! They are really good and I’m loving this recipe myself, adding a few chocolate chips to some of them for my taste. Chocolate chips and oatmeal are great together, but Mark is a purist on these.

These cookies are Mark’s Nanny’s recipe. One he grew up with as a boy, so I have no idea where it originated from, but it goes back to her. Mark’s mom had the recipe and passed it onto me so now I’m baking these cookies for Mark and he is all smiles. I used a cookie recipe I found somewhere online, but they just weren’t the same to him. That recipe used butter instead of shortening and that must be the difference. Go figure! I would have thought that butter would taste better but these made with shortening are what takes Mark back to childhood and his perfect oatmeal cookies that his Nanny made for him. Once I got this recipe from Mark’s mom, there was no going back to another one.

I’ve also got a big question for you at the end of today’s post about a family cookbook, so please read all the way to the end! 

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