How Technology is Helping Hunters Improve Their Game

By Cassie Steele –


We’ve come a long way over the last couple of hundred years. Modern gadgets are taking over the tedious aspects of our lives, jobs, and hobbies. Hunting is no different, with advanced equipment available that can make sport easy and enjoyable, even for novices. With the decline in hunters in the U.S. threatening conservation efforts, it’s more important now than ever that hunting is made into a more accessible sport. Here are some of the main ways that new technologies are helping to improve the hunting experience.

Covering Scent

When hunting, our scent can give away our position as easily as a cough or the snap of a twig. Prey animals can smell us coming from a mile away, and they generally don’t stick around to greet us. Luckily, we’re getting better and better at masking our scent in the wild. New technology allows companies to make scent-masking gear that prevents the growth of certain bacteria that give humans their distinct smell. You can also find carefully engineered sprays designed to mimic animal pheromones, which not only masks your scent but actually helps bring your target to you.

Ozonic devices are a relatively new device designed to help hide your scent when using a tree stand. It essential destroys your scent by turning surrounding oxygen molecules into ozone, which doesn’t carry smells as well. It takes some time to work, but is surprisingly effective at masking smells.

Tracking Game

Game cameras, or trail cameras, are used to help hunters familiarize themselves with their prey’s habits and patterns. It’s one of the most popular high-tech products used by even no-frills hunters to improve their chances of bagging game. So, to meet the unique needs of outdoor enthusiasts and other adventurers, some cameras have night vision capabilities for hunters to track nocturnal prey. You can also find cameras with wifi capabilities that can connect with your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your trail cameras while on the go.

GPS Capabilities

Most of us are familiar with GPS technology, whether we own a car unit or use the navigation app built into our smartphone. GPS has grown to become an integral part of life, but in the world of hunting, it can be a veritable lifesaver. GPS helps you to navigate unfamiliar terrain and locate emergency services if necessary. Some devices are also able to send your whereabouts to local rescue units if you get lost or injured.

Hunting is a critical component of conservation efforts in many states, and it’s crucial that the sport is accessible to novices. New advancements are making it easier to track and target game, especially for newcomers to the world of hunting. As technology continues to improve, we can hopefully expect to see more hunters trying their hand at the sport and helping to stabilize their local wildlife population.


Cassie Steele is a freelance writer and contributor for Everything Country

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