iPowerUp Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case – A Perfect Outdoors Companion

OutdoorHubiPowerUp Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case – A Perfect Outdoors Companion


As adventurous as we all are it is difficult to head into the great outdoors without our cellphones. They are an extension of ourselves whether we are using them to view public property maps, are running ballistic calculators at the range, or are taking selfies with our newest trophy big-game animal. While a smartphone dying out in the wilderness is not life or death it sure can turn a hunt sour in a flash. To solve that nightmare, a company named iPowerUp has debuted their Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case that could remedy your technology woes while hunting, shooting, and staying connected.

“Ventura, California – September 10th, 2019 – iPowerUp announces an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of their most innovative design yet: the Fusion II. A crowdfunding campaign to finance this disruptive piece of personal technology is hosted on Indiegogo. Investors receive this consolidated external battery pack and protective case, which distinguishes itself by incorporating solar panel charging with industry-leading efficiency.

This slimline accessory is currently compatible with the iPhone X/XS/XR. The Qi capabilities of the Fusion II easily provide consistent, wireless, quick charge energy. The solar charge function means that your mobile device provides its own sustainable energy for emergency situations, daily use, and outwardbound activities. An onboard power meter lets you optimize charging. A thermal layer dissipates heat, protecting your phone. The Fusion II can also be separated from your iPhone and left in the sun to charge independently.

Modern sportsmen want to unplug in nature, but mobile devices consolidate essential functions, like GPS, hunting map applications, and ballistic calculators for long range hunters. For a backcountry hunter, access to these applications is essential for a successful outing. With the Fusion II, focus your attention on the intensity and challenges of the present, confident that your electronic gear won’t fail in a crucial moment.“

ipowerupiPowerUp Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case

My favorite feature of the Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case is that it can charge independently of your phone. With that ability you could have it laying on your dashboard while at your office job knowing you are going hunting or to the range in the evening. Similarly, if you are hunkered under an eve shooting targets in the shade and running a ballistic app, you could have the Fusion II lying in the direct sun several feet away to charge your phone at a moment’s notice. For those who may be interested, there is more information at all of the following links below.

IndieGoGo Campaign iPowerUp Website iPowerUp YouTube

Many of us would truly feel lost without our smartphones by our side (myself included). They help us more than we know in our tech-savy society where Google can answer any question you have and there are a multitude of hunting apps we can be utilizing in our treestands and hunting spots. For all of our readers out there, what do you think of this new product? Is this something you would be willing to contribute to in order for it to come to fruition? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

ipowerupiPowerUp Fusion II Solar Power Smartphone Case

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