Felix takes the crows through its paces at RoundUp.
Felix takes the crows through its paces at RoundUp.

Is Line Dancing The New Cardio?

By Michael Gagliardi –

I love this question because I enjoy working out. Being one of my greatest passions, I am always looking for different ways to better my health. Most people, (I’m sure I can’t be the only one), hate doing cardio because let’s be honest, it’s boring! Although I know it’s needed to help keep a healthy heart, I dread the idea of running on a treadmill, even for a few minutes! So what activities can be done to make cardio more exciting for all of us?

There are several cardio exercises that are a little more adventurous and exciting, such as bike riding on country trails or rollerblading along the beach. Jogging outside can be very enjoyable and swimming is also an excellent cardio exercise, especially for those who suffer with back injuries. What really caught my eye while I was working part-time at Round Up Country Nightclub in Davie, Florida, was the line dancing.

Dancing has always been a great way to stay active, and in some cases lose weight and get in better shape. Can you have your cake and eat it too? Well, it seems that way with country line dancing. With the variety of line dancing, some fast and others slow, the amount of calories you can burn in a single night of dancing is insane!

If you don’t know how to line dance,  have no fear! Most country nightclubs clubs, like Round Up, Davie, have free line dancing classes. If you’d rather learn at home, you can find almost any line dance on YouTube as well. No matter your age is or where your skill level is at, there is all types of line dances available for you to stay active and have fun. Before jumping  onto the dance floor, I would recommend checking  with your doctor first to make sure line dancing is safe for you. One thing’s for sure- once you start, the addiction to dancing will make it hard to stop!

About Mike Gagliardi

Mike is an esteemed self published Christian author of “A Divine Connection With A Message From God” as well as a motivational speaker. Born and raised here in South Florida, Mike also lived in Tennessee and Georgia for many years before moving back to South Florida.