Is Your New Year’s Resolution On Track?

By Michael Gagliardi –

Ahh… the proverbial New Year’s resolution. We all make them and if yours is on track that’s wonderful. Keep up the great work and persistence and you will achieve it whatever it is you resolved to make better. If it’s not on track, well that’s ok too. The year’s not over yet and you still have a lot of time left. The good news is you’re not afraid to try and that’s a big part if you want change in your life.

What I’ve found is if you want change in a particular part of your life such as weight loss, financial, relationships, etc., it won’t happen overnight. If you want change in your life, you must be willing to have some patience and know it won’t happen immediately. You must be willing to stay positive and not give up no matter how long it takes. You must be willing to let go of the things that will delay (or even stop) you from achieving what you want to achieve. You must be willing to not always do it alone. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. You must be willing to ask for help and accept that you don’t know it all. Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes the right information from the right person will propel you faster to achieving your goal.

Having a New Year’s resolution is a positive influence because anytime you are willing to change for the better is something to be proud about. As for me, I don’t like to wait for the beginning of the year. I take each day as a new opportunity to do something productive to better my life. It doesn’t have to be a big change that day as long as it’s productive towards the end goal. Little, positive things each day will end up big down the road. If a plane starts a journey one degree off course, two hours later it can end up miles away from the original destination. Even little changes each day can alter your destination, so make sure they are positive changes. I hope this helps you all in achieving your Goals. Good luck and may the Force be with you.

About Mike Gagliardi

Mike is an esteemed self published Christian author of “A Divine Connection With A Message From God” as well as a motivational speaker. Born and raised here in South Florida, Mike also lived in Tennessee and Georgia for many years before moving back to South Florida.