Jamie Lynn Spears – Sleepover

By Felix Casado –

Well what can I say I felt pretty cool about this interview with the one and only Jamie Lynn Spears? Super fun and extremely dedicated to her music and family. With the support of her Husband, Daughter and her huge following from the hit tv show Zoey 101, she’s coming out with her country song debut of “Sleepover” that is now available one ITunes go check it out!


EC: How did the song “sleepover” come about?

JLS: It came from a group of amazing female writers that came down to my condo, and it was a really good time to be creative. And two of my fellow co-writers came up with the name “Sleepover”. I thought a bunch of girls having a sleepover sounds kinda cheesy, but when they explained to me the meaning behind it, that girls can be flirty and have fun and not turn into a sleepover.


EC: Are there any plans for another single or album this year?

JLS: Im shooting to finish my EP by the fall of this year, and for this next month the goal is to finish writing.


EC: Are you planning on touring this year?

JLS: Oh definitely touring! You can’t test your music if you don’t go out there on the road.


EC: Do you plan on having a special guest that you plan on working with?

JLS: I haven’t thought of anyone, but it’s all about how the music feels and who would be perfect to fit in as a guest appearance.


EC: Living in Louisiana country music is big thing over there. Who did you grow up listening to? 

JLS: I listened to different kinds of music growing up. My family all have different taste of music. I love the Dixie Chicks, Alan Jackson and Garth Brooks. I love any artist that has own there space in country music.


EC: So, as a song writer what’s your inspiration?

JLS: Its always different. It could be a moment when I walk into the studio and write and some days Im just not in the mood and someone will play a melody and right away I think of something to write about. Inspiration is everywhere you just have to find it.


EC: You took a huge break from TV and music to take care of your family. How’s the transition back to the spotlight been?

JLS: It was a really natural process. When I had my daughter at a very young age, that didn’t stop me from writing and going to Nashville. This has been going on for the past 8 years. I was in Nashville for 4 years writing and working on my voice as an artist. It takes time a lot of time to develop yourself as an artist. So, for my husband he’s always been part of it, even if the world hasn’t seen it. I’ve been working for non-stop for the past 8 years.


EC: Your Daughter Maddie… has she picked up on any of the family traits?

JLS: As like any other little girl she likes to sing and dance, but I haven’t seen anything like “oh she’s going to do this or do that?” Right now she’s just being a kid and doing what every other kid does.


EC: What’s your number one escape from family and spotlight that helps you center yourself?

JLS: I love to either go to my mom’s house or somewhere where there’s no cellphone service and just be outdoors.


EC: What your motto you live by?

JLS: I’m still working on discovering my motto and I like that I don’t have one right now. But, it gives me a chance for me to grow as a person.


She’s a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Wife, Actress and singer. With all those hats and responsibilities, she still has time for herself to not only write kick ass songs, but giving the world a little bit at a time so when she finally opens that can of success, the world will be ready to rock out to her music!


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