Kalico Loose Control

Kalico – “Lose Control”

by John Lindsay –

This may come across as stepping a bit out of my lane, but I’m all for trying something new and a little different.  When I was first sent the single “Lose Control”, I was actually questioning the boss, wondering why I was set to write about a non-country pop song.  I mean, me listening to modern pop from a 17 year old artist makes me think of Clint Eastwood on the porch in El Camino.  I can’t help but think “Get off my lawn!!!”

But as usual…. I was wrong.

Kalico1The singer Kalico is a young lady from Boca Raton, Florida who I’d never heard before.  On first listen, her voice reminded me a little of Colby Callait, or my only other real connection to female pop music of this era, Kiaara.   After a few more listens I started to think, is it really that much different than some of the recent singles from Maren Morris or Kelsea Ballerini?  .  I also realized on later listening,  the song itself was much more than just a throwaway teenage pop song.  Sure, it’s got the requisite synth and electronic drums, but the lyrics and vocals show a young lady searching for her dream.  How hard are you willing to work before you lose control?  What more can you do to achieve your goals?  A timeless theme delivered with both the desperation of not knowing what else to do and the youthful enthusiasm to continue on.

All of this seems a bit heavy for a 17 year old to write, so I delved a little deeper and learned this talented singer/songwriter’s previous single “Wanderlust” was equally well written.  It was also sonically completely different, having a much more acoustic singer/songwriter feel.  Her depth as an artist at such a young age is a unique gift with seemingly unlimited potential.


Kalico’s sound and songs at this stage show exceptional variety and lyrical prowess.  Hers is a voice that could be at the forefront of the next great generation of female singer/songwriters.  Her artistic direction is limited only by her own muse. If this is the beginning stages of her creative potential, then I am anxious to follow along and watch her progress.  We are at the beginning of what should be an amazing musical journey, so get on the bandwagon while there’s still comfortable seating.



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