Let’s chat with Charlie Farley

By Felix Casado –

Well, I got the pleasure of talking to a very unique and very talented Artist and his name is Charlie Farley. Good ole’ boy from Arkansas with just a little twist of hip hop. With a strong view on New and Old country and his true passion for hunting and fishing, let me introduce to you an artist that is ready to make you fall In love with his music.


EC: For your fans and new fans

What’s the difference between Charlie Farley as an artist and outside of the limelight?


CF: He’s the same guy. I write about my life experiences and everything that I’ve been through. That’s how my new album “All I Been Through” came about, and so its about my life and that what I write about. What’s cool is that I write a lot about my life and someone, somewhere has gone through what I’ve experienced.


EC: So, where were you born?

CF: I was Born in Lake Point, Arkansas.


EC: Being from Arkansas what kinda musical influences did you grow up with?

CF: Country!! My dad used to listen to some of the greats. I listened to country, but later on I became a little rebel and started to listen to Rap. And eventually I put them both together and made my own style.


EC: Are your currently Touring?

CF: I have a couple of shows coming up we are going to be part of “Country Is This” Tour, but personally not touring solo.


EC: You have worked with two of the Pioneers of Hick Hop Colt Ford and Bubba Sparxxx, how is working with them and how do you describe your music?

CF: I call it Charlie Farley Music as Hick Hop has a bad reputation. A lot of times people ask me what kind of music I do? And I refuse to say Hick Hop. Growing up, when someone said Hick Hop, its like “ahhh this dude cant rap”.  It has such a bad vibe when you say Hick Hop, and I can’t say country because I’m too outside of the box to be considered country. Like I always say, “I’m to rap for country, and too country for rap”. And working with them has been amazing and they have taught me a lot while working with them.


EC: If a Rap battle competition between Colt Ford and Bubba Sparxxx where to happen, who would win?

CF: I say Bubba Sparxxx, if it was freestyle battle. But, they are both amazing artist!


EC: If music wasn’t part of your life, what would you be doing?

CF: I would be working in a forest somewhere. I was actually going to college to become a forester. And then I got a record deal LOL. But I love fishing, so if I could get paid to fish I would be doing that all day.


EC: Grown up and now Who are your influence musically.

CF: On the country side, there were a lot of artist that I listen to. But, my biggest influence has to be Garth Brooks. That dude is amazing and I’ve always loved what he has done.  And Hip Hop influences has to be Eminem. Lyrically hes one of the best in the game, but before him I listen to Tupac and Snoop Dogg.


EC:  Your new Single Southern Summertime. What inspired the making of this song?

CF: I wrote it two years ago and its all about what we do in the summertime in South.


EC: Outside of music what are your hobbies?

CF: Fishing and hunting, family is always first. But, I’m currently talking to you while I’m sitting by the lake!


EC: Ok so are you a Ford, Chevy or Dodge guy?

CF: Chevy all the way!!


EC: With all this hype on the new Batman vs. Superman movie, who’s team are you on?



EC: Ok, so on a serious note… what are your thoughts about “Bro Country” and “Pop Country”?

CF: I think everyone has their own unique style, like FGL. Their sound/music is selling, so if you have a style that people like go with it. I’m not against any type of music. Everything I’ve listened to, I throw in this huge musical pasta and it comes out the way it does. As far as the “bro country”, if that’s what people want to listen to then listen to it. I mean if that’s not your style, then don’t listen to it.

Everyone has their opinions and its all over the internet and how they bash “Pop Country” saying “this is trash or how this isn’t real country music”. Country is everywhere, it’s not just the “behind the barbwire fence” and tight skinny jeans.  It’s nothing like that. Like they say, “country must be country wide”.  Everyone has a little country in them no matter what kind your listening to if it’s either “Bro Country or “Pop Country”.

When it comes out different then Willie, George, Hank the guys I grew up listening to, people assume its not country. But, it’s all about the respect of the talent and the music, because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad music. It’s just something you don’t like so then stick to what you know and enjoy it.

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