Line Dancing Takes Over South Florida

By Sebrie Springs –


Here in South Florida, country western line dancing has become an increasingly more popular activity on a Friday night. The country western night clubs have become the “happening” places, even for those who don’t consider themselves “country.” The structured, step by step dances are sparking the interest of many, with no specific age, race, or demographic. Although “line dancing” has been around since the early 50’s, country music is introducing itself to an entirely new generation.

Becoming popular in the early 70’s, line dances such as the “Electric Slide” were disco based. Many line dances choreographed in the late 70’s and 80’s, although adaptations of disco line dances, were created specifically for country songs. Dating back to the early 90’s, dances such as “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and “Swamp Thing” were choreographed and performed worldwide, and continue to be performed in country bars even to this day. However, as country music has continued to spread from coast to coast, variations of choreography have made each line dance unique to the town it was created in, making no two country bars exactly the same.

Over the years, county western line dancing has developed into its own unique culture. From the chorography, to the attire, the music to the competitions, line dancing is no longer just a spectator sport. People of all ages and backgrounds are putting on their boots, daisy dukes and plaid shirts to get in on the action and make themselves “country” for a night. In South Florida, you can witness the cultures combine, as salsa is regularly incorporated into dances like the “Two Step” and hip hop is heavily influenced in many of the newest line dancing routines. Many traditional line dances are now being performed to other genres of music, such as pop, rock and hip hop, taking country line dancing to a whole new level.

Not sure where to get in on the action? Country western nightclubs such as the Round Up in Davie, Fl, host free line dancing lessons several nights a week! Learn the hottest dances step by step with experienced instructors, or catch a great routine from the Round Up dance teams. No matter where you go, experience the best side of country music right on the dance floor. You’re sure to have a great time!

About Sebrie Springs

Sebrie's passions are fashion and country music. She has an extensive background in the Fashion Apparel and Bridal industries, with years of experience and expertise in both fields. She also enjoys teaching and performing line dancing throughout South Florida.