Mark Burke – “When It Comes To You”

by John Lindsay –

Let me tell you a story I’ve been waiting to tell for a long time.  Vero Beach, Florida (also home to Jake Owen) native Mark Burke provided me one of the cooler work experiences I’ve ever had.   One of the things I love to do at my job is surprise random people at shows with artist Meet and Greet passes when I can.  Back in 2006, we hosted this new singer some of you may have heard of named Eric Church.  “How Bout You” was all over the charts, yet he was still relatively unknown here in South Florida. So, imagine my surprise when that afternoon, even before the band had arrived, there were folks in the parking lot already waiting.

One of those people was a young singer, songwriter named Mark Burke, who along with his dad, had traveled down from Jupiter to see the show.  I met them as they were trying to get back to see Eric at his bus and walked with them back around the building.  Considering I was kicking them out of the back area, they were extremely polite and Mark told me he had written a song and wanted to give it to Eric along with a note.  I was entrusted with delivering the package and they went to the door to wait for the doors to open.

When it came time for Meet and Greet, I realized that I had a couple of extras so I walked over.  When I was asked about the package I was entrusted with, I reached in my pocket and pulled it out with the meet and greet passes and said “give it to him yourself.”  Just the look on the face was enough, and we all happily walked to the back and the Meet and Greet area where he did indeed get to meet and have a conversation with Eric for a bit.  Needless to say the package was delivered.

So, I tell that story to show how a little chances meeting can set someone on a path.  It has actually happened a couple of times during my career here but those are stories for another time.  In 2012,  we hosted a competition here at the club that featured a trio of South Florida’s finest including Mark Burke.  It was my second time having him here at a round and I was struck by the progress and maturity in his performance.

That brings us to 2018, and Mark Burke is a resident of Nashville, TN and a regular performer at the FGL House, and Jason Aldean’s “Rooftop.”   With a wide range of influences from Vern Gosdin and Merle Haggard to the more modern Craig Campbell  and of course Eric Church, Marks sound is pure and honest with an edgy twist.  He tours frequently with best friend and songwriting partner Josh Melton.  His last single “Love Changes” talked about all the things that can change when love comes walking in while his latest “When It Comes to You” the things you do when love comes.  Because there’s nothing you won’t do, “When It Comes to You.”

Make sure if you’re in Nashville, or see him playing in your area to check out this rising star.

www.markburkelive.com,    FB-Mark Burke,  IG- @markymarkburke



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