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Meet Love and Theft and Jessie James Decker

By Sal Verini –

Last month was great for a variety of reason. One of which was being invited by the awesome people running the 2016 Dade County Youth Fair to come and hang out backstage for the Love and Theft / Jessie James Decker performances. After listening to our very own Felix rev up the crowd with his DJ skills and an awesome performance by Round Up County Nightclub’s Southern Belles and Outlaws, the concerts kicked off.

But, before (and after) we were able to hang with Stephen, Eric and Jessie (and if you’re a football fan Eric Decker from the New York Jets as well), and get to chatting. It was great seeing my buddies Stephen and Eric from Love and Theft again, as last time we all hung out was when they played at the Roundup, so it was long overdue. And it was so great to make a new friend… Jessie James Decker.

Both their performances were spot-on and the enthusiastic crowd danced and sang to the music. If you have never seen either of these two bands in concert, make sure you do. Go out of your way if you have to just get it done! Trust me they will be well worth it. So… wanna learn a little more about Love and Theft and Jessie James Decker? Check out our interviews!



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