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By Felix Casado –

I’m back and this interview was so much fun. Let me introduce to you Sarah Ross. A bubbly, excited and energetic artist with her hit single “Shotgun” that will put the fear of God in you with the strong emotional lyrics and Girl-Power message.  Guys beware (just kidding)! This new Country/Pop country artist is ready to make it big. With her American Idol performance and amazing drive to make it in this crazy industry, she has all the right moves and talent to do so.


Who is Sarah Ross as an artist and outside of the spotlight?
I always say I have a take on a new personality as an artist when I look at my videos and say ‘who’s that person?”. But, outside of the spotlight I’m a normal 21 year old. I like to have fun, I like to go riding. But, right now I’m working on my new EP, so it’s all work, work, work!! Like that new Rihanna song LOL!

When your not on Artist mode what are your hobbies?
This year I found a new love and it’s going to the movies. I kid you not, I go to the movies ever single weekend and I’m not real big on going to clubs or bars.


What’s your favorite movie this year?

“How to be Single’ with Rebel Wilson it was so hilarious!


Growing up, who was your main influence in your life when it comes to singing?

It was definitely my mom that pushed me to become a singer. She was the one that got me a voice coach and out to perform. But, after American Idol I got a huge confidence boost and it made me realize that music is what I really wanted in my life.


So, your music has some of that Hip Hop. Who was your influence?

We grew up on a farm up in New Jersey and I listened to old school Country. But, when I went to middle/high school I got to listen to different kinds of genres and this helped me mesh my sound. On the country side, I love Miranda Lambert. But, on the hip hop side I love Eminem, Nikki Manaj and of course Biggie.


How do you describe your music?

I hear so many names for the music I do, so I couldn’t give you a name. But, I can say it leans more to the Pop Country.


If music and American Idol didn’t happen, what would you be doing?

Honestly I would be a pilot or a nurse; my mother is a nurse. I love to help people


Why a pilot?

When I was younger I went to a FAA Camp and I got to fly a small plane and I fell in love.


Ok, so if you had the chance to do a duet, who would you choose to do it with?

I get asked this question all the time and my answer changes every time. But, at the moment, the first thing that pops in my head is Beyonce’. Is that weird LOL? But, if I were to choose a male artist, I’d truly go back in time and do something with Johnny Cash.


What are your plans for 2016?

Well, right now I’m very excited. I have a show in June in Colorado with Kid Rock and Three Doors Down and I’m so looking forward to doing this show because I’m a huge fan of Kid Rock.  Also to grow as an artist as well.


Anyone in your family a singer or play any instruments?

Nope. I’m the only one that sings, and I picked up the guitar 3 times and the last time i finally got it.  But, my family is huge on sports. My brother just got a full scholarship to play for Lake Forest and he’s only 15! My other brother is a catcher at another high school. I’m the un-sporty one in my family, but I love baseball.


Who’s your favorite team?

Don’t get angry, but I’m from New Jersey and I like the Phillies. And football…more of a college football fan because of my brothers.


Your song “Shotgun” is an amazing song, but from what i take from it you really were mad at someone. Why the song?

LOL yes I was very mad at someone, but Carrie Underwood has her song “Two Black Cadillacs” and Miranda Lambert has her song “Kerosene”. Why can I have my “Shotgun”? But, I wouldn’t do that to someone LOL. You get anger; you gotta let it out somehow.


Was this for a old boy friend?

It wasn’t dedicated for a single person. It’s just taking the feeling from a bad relationship when someone cheats or leaves. It’s just taking on the feeling of being angry and being hurt.

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