Mud digger

Muddigger 11, Music to get dirty with!

by John Lindsay –

Several years back while working at the Round Up Nightclub, I was introduced to the phenomenon known as mudding.  First, as a manager wondering why numbers were down during these “Mudfest” weekends and secondly, as an introduction to a new style of country morphed with a sense of hip hop.

Here we sit today 11 Volumes of “Muddigger” later, the tradition of being not only the soundtrack to a great mudding weekend continues, but it also has become a showcase for some of the best in Country Rap, Hick Hop, Hip Hop Country, Redneck Rap, or whatever you choose to call the hybrid of country & hip hop.  Fans of this style of country are as passionate and vocal as even the most inspired country purists.  The current landscape of country music has grown to embrace the diverse musical palate available now in the streaming world.

The Muddigger series has introduced me and many others to Colt Ford, Demun Jones, Cypress Spring, Lenny Cooper and many others that have broken thru the noise and built this very legit sound.  Whatever you choose to call it, it is fun, chock full of bumpin’ beats, catchy hooks, and energy.  Lift the pick ups, grab a cooler and your girl, head for the mud hole, circle the trucks, light the bonfire, get dirty and drop Muddigger 11 in and turn it up to 11!  The track listing is a who’s who of the best of this style of music.  This volume features my introduction to a couple of ladies tearing it up.  Sarah Ross gets “Dirty Minded”, bringing a tailgate full of sass on her way to the woods.  Shelbykay rolls up on 40’s and announces her arrival ready for “Rockin’ It.”  Both tracks evoke a heavy Missie Elliot influence and prove that these ladies are for real.

Other tracks of note include my personal favorite from Bubba Sparxxx and Demun Jones, “Muddy Mess.”  Long Cut “Doin’ Work” is a great example of the more hardcore hip hop influenced tracks, while “Right Here” by DJ Cannon, Chris Ewing, and Shamu leans more to a current country sound.  Colt Ford adds 2 tracks to the collection with “Better Than Yours” featuring Josh Meranda, and a collaboration with my guy from Maryland, Sam Grow, called “Dirty It Up.”   The latter perhaps being the most radio friendly track on the CD.  Then you have a bunch of bonfire ready, let’s get it stuck, let go, and have a wild weekend songs throughout the collection like Lenny Cooper’s “Dead End Party”, J. Rosevelt’s “Mind Your Business”,  and Tommy Chayne’s “Throwdown.”

Muddigger 11 is ready to rock your mud hole, your barbeque, your party, and your summer! Get Some and Get Dirty! And, check out the line dance Mia and I created to “Muddy Mess” . We also included the step-sheet! So learn it and dance it at your local country music venue!

Muddy Mess Line Dance – click here for step sheet

About John Lindsay

John is one of our music reviewers here at Everything Country. He has been a DJ in radio, private events, and nightclubs since 1983 with a specialization in country music, dance, and nightclub management.