Netflix’s New Film “The Legacy of A Whitetail Deer Hunter” Reminds us that Hunting Builds the Strongest Bonds Between a Father and Son

OutdoorHubNetflix’s New Film “The Legacy of A Whitetail Deer Hunter” Reminds us that Hunting Builds the Strongest Bonds Between a Father and Son

netflix In the modern world, hunting is one of the few remaining links to our ancestors. It’s a time-honored practice of putting food on the table, and one of the few excuses modern man has left to escape for a long weekend without a phone or computer, and reconnect with nature.

There is no denying that hunting creates a primal bond between hunters, most importantly, between a father who is passing his knowledge down to his kids.




With this in mind, Netflix has released a new film, “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter,” which stars Josh Brolin and Danny McBride. The movie follows the trials and tribulations of Buck Ferguson, (Brolin) a father who also happens to be a professional hunter who is looking to bolster his son’s manliness by helping him take his first whitetail deer. McBride stars as the cameraman for Brolin’s hunting show, who is tagging along to capture the first kill – and all the blunders that pop-up during every hunt.



From the beginning, you can tell Buck Ferguson is looking to tap into his love for hunting as a means to connect with his son, and also garner some ratings for his show. Once in the field, Ferguson stops seeing this hunt as just another episode, and truly steps in to his role as a father. The film serves as a great, and hilarious reminder that traditions and skills DO NOT come automatic, they need to be passed down to the next generation – even if that means learning from one’s mistakes. . .

The urge to take our children into the woods and encourage them to take an animal they probably first experienced as a lovable cartoon character, may seem bizarre to non-hunters. To an experienced hunter like Buck Ferguson, however, it goes much deeper. It’s about cultivating a successful mentality and the spirit of doing what must be done. Practical experience says that if he doesn’t take the game, someone else will; be it another hunter or an SUV on the interstate. Our kids need to learn to be first, and to connect with nature, even if it means locking up their cellphones for the trip into the woods.

Sorry buddy, no Snapchat or Instagram this weekend!




Yes, fathers take their sons hunting hoping to teach them something of the world. The persistence of the hunt, tracking, patience, and the right mental state to take the shot. And of course, what comes after: respecting the kill by using everything of their quarry.

These, on their own, are bonding moments.

Dads take their sons for their “first buck” to witness their success and be a part of that experience. But there is also an element of pride involved as well.

There is no substitute for that experience; this is a lifelong bond-making opportunity, not just a walk through the woods with a sharp stick.

It is the unspoken reason that fathers still take sons on hunting trips in an age where food comes from a grocery store or drive thru. The thing to remember is that it is not JUST the destination, but the journey.

Even though we are still a few months away from opening day, “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter” will give you that momentary escape in the woods that many are yearning for this time of year. If you are looking for a laugh and maybe a trip down memory lane from that first hunt with your dad or son, you should definitely check this movie out now, only on Netflix.

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