New Country I’m Diggin’ – April 2016

By John Lindsay –

So, in addition to my other articles and ramblings,  I thought I’d take a cue from a West Coast Swing DJ friend of mine and just let you know periodically some of my favorite new songs out.  So with full credit for the idea to Victor Loviera here are 10 new tunes I’m digging.


Broseph E. Lee  – “Right Where She Wants Me”

Lonestar – “Never Enders”

Michael Ray – “Think A Little Less”

Ciara Rae – “Slow  Burn”

Vince Gill – “Me and My Girl”

LANco – “Long Live Tonight”

Bucko and Toad – “Frozen In Your Eyes”

Eric Church – “Record Year”

Callie Twissleman – “Hung Me On A Line”

Jake Owen – “American Country Love Song”


Just 10 songs released in the last few weeks well worth a listen.

Sit back, turn it up, and keep listening to “Everything Country.”


About John Lindsay

John is one of our music reviewers here at Everything Country. He has been a DJ in radio, private events, and nightclubs since 1983 with a specialization in country music, dance, and nightclub management.