New Traditional Master Bathroom Mood Board

Back in July I shared that we wanted to update our master bathroom and I shared some examples of different types of bathrooms that I looked at. As usual, we are doing something a little different from what I’ve seen out there and I couldn’t be happier with the plans. I discussed in that post about how watching HGTV and reading blogs might be changing how we renovate our homes. Now there’s so much inspiration and so many beautiful pictures out there that make us all want to make our spaces better. I can’t help it either, I’m just as guilty of enjoying the updates when it comes to home improvement in our house.

Mark and I are very excited to take this one on. We are hiring a contractor to do most of the work and I think it’s going to be gorgeous. Mark is doing a little bit of the trim work and I’m going to paint the vanity and the walls, but other than that we’re hiring it out, which is a big load off us.

Here’s a look at the mood board I put together. It’s always so fun to look at a mood board. It sets the tone and really gives a snapshot of what a space will look like with all these elements put together. These are all the exact materials we’ve picked out and chosen for the bathroom, so it’s so nice to see them all together.

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