Our Little Town: Acworth, GA

Hey friends! This week I’m joining a group of ladies and we are all sharing our towns or points of interest around our areas where we live, so today I’m sharing all about our little town of Acworth. We never knew how much we would enjoy a small historic town, but we have grown to love living here and now can’t imagine being anywhere else for the foreseeable future.

When Mark and I were looking for houses 2 years ago, we didn’t specifically set out to find a house in Acworth. In fact, it was further out than we were looking, but the house found us and we quickly decided that we could indeed get more house for our money in Acworth than we could most anywhere else. When I was growing up, Acworth was a little bitty town and definitely not a destination place to go and I never thought I’d live there. 

We must have looked at well over 100 houses in the 6 months we diligently looked at houses and when it seemed we would never find one to suit us both for a price we could live with, our house in Acworth found us.

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