Pure Country: Pure Heart – An Epic Journey Of Self Discovery

By Felix Casado and John Lindsay –


Warner Brothers and WWE Studios have just released the latest chapter in the “Pure Country” movie trilogy, Pure Country: Pure Heart.  Filmed in the heart of country music’s capitals Nashville and New Orleans, this film continues the Pure Country theme of the power of music in the search for self discovery.

Two sisters, Ada and Piper (played by Kaitlyn Bausch and Cozi Zuehlsdorff) are searching for their musical voice and answers to the question, “what was their father like?”  He was a decorated Marine and war hero who died when the girls were young.  Their memory of him faded because they’re mother (played by Amanda Detmer) refused to talk about him.  It brought not only tears to her eyes, but the harsh truth that he was gone and she was alone.

The girls stumble across a box of his and a letter sent from the Marines.  This starts a quest to find the truth their mother has been hiding.   It becomes a fun and exciting journey to find out about their father and what kind of man he was.  Along the way they also learn so much about themselves and the gift that ties it all together… their music.  They start by attempting to visit a member of their fathers platoon in a retirement home.  There they meet CJ Simms (Played by Ronnie Cox) who gives them their first big clue and leads them to NASHVILLE!  They learn their dad was a very well respected up and coming singer/songwriter.  He was part of a duo team with a now very successful singer Marq (played by Laura Bell Bundy).  After a few more trips, and some persistence, the girls score a meeting with Marq who reveals more insight into their dad, and helps the girls find their voice and true talent.  It is through Marq we learn that dad loved their mom more than the music business.  We find out that on the brink of success as a singer, he gave it up for their mom, and wound up serving his country in the Marines instead.

As more clues and secrets come to light, their mother starts to suspect the girls are up to something.  She finds out they have been traveling to Nashville behind her back, as moms always find out.  It is then that the truth comes out, but did it?  After finding out Marq has been encouraging the girls to find their own musical voice, MOM decides to visit Marq.  Their meeting fills in many of the details to the story, and leads towards the culmination of our movie.  Marq arranges for the family to attend a veteran’s benefit concert, and surprises them with a performance from their dad’s favorite singer Willie Nelson.  They are even more surprised when Willie invites the girls up to sing with him a song written by their father.

With the help of their mother, their VA friends, and Marq they get a chance to shine some light to the mystery that was their father, a war hero, an amazing singer, and a man who put aside his music for his family, and gave his life to save his platoon.

This movie we give a two thumbs up as it is a perfect fit for a Sunday family movie night. It’s a story of grief, perseverance, hope, and dreams.  It tells you that if you believe in yourself and work towards your goals, dreams do come true. It’s about music finding the connection between a father and his daughters all trying to reach that one dream find their voice, and expressing that gift.  The gift of song, the paramount connection within all 3 Pure Country films.

There are 16 new songs in the film, including Willie Nelson’s “We Don’t Run,” Laura Bell Bundy’s “Grass Ain’t Greener,” and the Ronny Cox penned and performed “Silver City.”  The soundtrack also features songs from a who’s who of top Nashville songwriters and is available on Water Tower Music.


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